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70 Years After Katyn Mass Murder

Poland Decapitated Again

 By David M. Dastych  Sunday, April 11, 2010


Warsaw, Poland on Sunday, April 11, 2010: Today, at 12:00 p.m. local time the whole country was in standstill for two minutes in a national mourning (to last one week), following a tragic presidential plane crash near Smolensk in Russia that had occurred on Saturday morning. The dead body of President of Poland Lech Kaczynski (60), landed in Warsaw this afternoon, after a farewell military ceremony held at Smolensk airfield, with participation of Vladimir Putin and Polish officials. After a due military ceremony, President Kaczynski’s body will be exposed at the Presidential Palace in Warsaw, awaiting a burial.

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“Crowds of people gathered in front of the Palace, placing there a veritable sea of candles and flower memorials” (PMN, Chicago) and also photos of the Presidential Couple (Lech and Maria Kaczynski) and of other victims. People stayed there until late at night on Saturday, and returned en masse on early Sunday morning. On Saturday, several requiem ceremonies were held, i.a. at Wawel Castle Cathedral in Cracow and at St.John’s Cathedral in Warsaw, to be continued on Sunday all over Poland.


The whole political life of the country will change, at least for the next 2.5 months, until the hastened presidential election, to be held probably in June 2010. According to the Constitution, until then, the Parliament Speaker, Mr. Bronislaw Komorowski, will be Acting President. His first decision was to declare “a time of national mourning” lasting one week. Similar decisions were taken by the heads of state of Russia (a mourning day, April 12), Lithuania (3 days) and Brazil (3 days of mourning, to honor the country’s large community of Polish origin). Never before such a massive (96 victims) catastrophe of any president’s plane have occurred in the whole world. On their way to commemorate the tragic deaths of over 20 thousand of Polish officers, state officials and intellectuals at Katyn Forest near Smolensk in Russia, committed by Stalin’s order in April 1940, President Lech Kaczynski, members of the official delegation and many invited guests perished in a crash of the presidential TU-154M jet, not far from the Katyn Forest Memorial Cementary. Former President Lech Walesa commented on Saturday: “and now, just as Katyn decapitated Poland’s military elite, the crash has decapitated its contemporary leadership in many fields.”

Katyn, the damned

The haunting memories of the Soviet mass murder of Poles at Katyn and other locations linger on for the last 70 years and heavily influence Poland’s history. As Russian Prime Minister (and former President), Vladimir Putin, remarked during a joint ceremony held at Katyn Memorial Cementary (Polish and Russian) on April 7, 2010: “It is my personal opinion that Stalin felt personally responsible for this tragedy, and carried out the executions (of Poles in 1940) out of a sense of revenge,” referring to the Soviet dictator Josef Stalin, who ordered the atrocity as revenge for the death of Red Army soldiers in Polish prisoner of war camps in 1920. Putin said 32,000 troops under Stalin’s command had died of hunger and disease in the Polish camps.


The Battle of Warsaw in August 1920, one of the 17 most important world’s battles, was won by the Polish Army led by the Poland’s leader Jozef Pilsudski largely because of Stalin’s order to divert Red Army’s reserve troops to the South, in an attempt to cause “people’s revolutions” in Western Europe. Stalin believed Russia had enough troops to crush Poland and to march through our country to conquer Germany and other European states. He was deeply disappointed when the Army of just revived free Poland stopped the Red Army’s invasion of Europe and totally defeated the communists.

After 3 April 1940, at least 22,436 Polish POWs and prisoners were executed: 15,131 POWs (most or all of them from three camps) and at least 7,305 prisoners in western parts of Belarus and Ukraine. Those who died at Katyn included an admiral, two generals, 24 colonels, 79 lieutenant colonels, 258 majors, 654 captains, 17 naval captains, 3,420 NCOs, seven chaplains, three landowners, a prince, 43 officials, 85 privates, and 131 refugees. Also among the dead were 20 university professors; 300 physicians; several hundred lawyers, engineers, and teachers; and more than 100 writers and journalists as well as about 200 pilots. In all, the NKVD executed almost half the Polish officer corps. Altogether, during the massacre the NKVD murdered 14 Polish generals (Wikipedia).

In 1942, Polish railroad workers found a mass grave at Katyn, and reported it to the Polish Secret State; the news was ignored, as people refused to believe the mass graves contained so many dead. The fate of the missing prisoners remained unknown until April 1943 when the German Wehrmacht soldiers under Rudolf Christoph Freiherr von Gersdorff discovered the mass grave of 4,243 Polish military reserve officers in the forest on Goat Hill near Katyn. Joseph Goebbels saw this discovery as an excellent tool to drive a wedge between Poland, Western Allies, and the Soviet Union (Wikipedia).


Germans also used other channels to spread the news about Katyn mass murder to the Western Allies. A friend of mine, Dr. Gary K. Busch, an American scholar and businessman residing in London, e-mailed to me this information on April 8, 2010:

“In early 1944 my friend and mentor, Guy Nunn, was stuck in the German prisoner-of-war camp at Coldlitz. This was his third prisoner-of war camp, having escaped two earlier camps.He was the ranking OSS officer in the camp, having been recently captured in Hungary trying to subvert Admiral Horthy on behalf of Alan Dulles.

He was surprised to be summoned to the camp commandant’s office where he found himself talking to two high-ranking SS officers. They offered him a deal. If he would go with them from Coldlitz to a place in Poland and report on exactly what he saw there they would repatriate him immediately to the US. They wanted him to be a neutral observer and to report accurately, without any constraints, of what he witnessed. Guy was very wary of this proposal but agreed to send Arthur C., Guy’s OSS number two who was arrested with him. That being agreed, the Germans took him and fifteen other professional intelligence officers currently in their custody in various prisoner-of war camps, to the Katyn Forest where they witnessed the exhumation of the Polish officers’ mass burial. They were given free run of the exhumation and the evidence found which clearly showed that the killings had been done by the Russians. Having witnessed this the prisoners were set free and repatriated to their home countries where they reported exactly what they had witnessed at Katyn.

The Allies were fully aware that the Russians had committed the massacre of the Poles.

The most tragic result of the Smolensk crash is the death of 96 persons aboard, including two Presidents of Poland (Kaczynski (60) and Kaczorowski (91), the later being an Ex-President in Exile), 10 top Polish generals, including the chief of the Army General Staff and the commanders of the Land, Navy, Air Force and Special Forces, deputy Speakers of the Parliament, the President of the National Bank of Poland, many MPs, lawmakers,  high officials of the Presidential Office, a Deputy Foreign Minister and also bishops and priests, social leaders, government ministers and guests, including the famous heroine of Solidarity, Mrs. Anna Walentynowicz.

Guy stayed on in Coldlitz until its liberation. In fact he took the flag of surrender down the hill to meet the on-coming US liberators of the camp. It was felt that this would be safer to send an American down to greet them, despite the overwhelming numbers of British at Coldlitz. Guy said he wished he had gone to Katyn but he thought it might be a trick.”


The banned truth

The news of Katyn and other mass murders of Poles on Soviet-occupied territory of pre-war Poland reached the then Polish Government-in-Exile in London through many channels. The secret truth of Katyn prompted the Soviets to break the diplomatic relations with the legal Polish government in London and to prepare their own communist-controlled political solution for Poland, still during the war. When the then Commander-in-Chief of the Polish Army in the West, and Prime Minister of the Government-in-Exile, General Wladyslaw Sikorski attempted to obtain proof of the Soviet mass murders and wanted to officially inform the governments of Great Britain and the United States about these atrocities, his plane was crashed in Gibraltar on July 4, 1943 and he was proclaimed to have died in the accident. Some Polish and foreign historians question the “Gibraltar Catastrophe” and prove that it was a cold-blood murder of the Polish Prime-Minister, performed by his Polish political enemies under the guidance of the British Secret Service. One of these historians and film documentary authors, Dr. Dariusz Baliszewski, devoted the last 15 years to prove this theory. The remains of General W. Sikorski were returned to Poland and were exhumated again in 2009, to confirm his identity. But his death still remains one of the greatest mysteries of Poland’s and the European history. General Sikorski’s elimination ended the hopes for re-establishment of free Poland after 2d World War and was often named “decapitation” of the leadership of our country. But one year later, in August to October 1944, Stalin’s decision not to help the Warsaw Uprising led to the extermination of the best soldiers of the then secret Polish Home Army (AK) and to full destruction of Warsaw by German troops and the death of about 200 thousand of its inhabitants. After Katyn and General Sikorski’s tragic death, this was the last act of “decapitation” of Poland’s political, military and intellectual elites during the war. Then followed the brutal communist repressions after the end of WWII, extended in time until Stalin’s death in 1953.


The truth of Katyn and of other mass murders of Poles by Soviets was banned from the post-war history of Poland for several decades, until the regime change in 1989. Only in 1989 Soviet scholars revealed that Joseph Stalin had indeed ordered the massacre, and in 1990 President Mikhail Gorbachev admitted that the NKVD had executed the Poles and confirmed two other burial sites similar to the site at Katyn: Mednoye and Piatykhatky. On 30 October 1989, Gorbachev allowed a delegation of several hundred Poles, organized by a Polish association named Families of Katyn Victims, to visit the Katyn Memorial. This group included former U.S. national security advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski. After Poles and Americans discovered further evidence in 1991 and 1992, the then Russian President Boris Yeltsin released the top-secret documents from the sealed “Package №1.” and transferred them to the new Polish president Lech Wałęsa.

But not all of the hidden truth was revealed until now. Though former Russian President Boris Yeltsin told Lech Walesa “Pardon us, if you can”, no official apology for the Katyn and other mass murders of Poles by the Soviets was uttered by Russian authorities, including the President and now Prime Minister Vladimir Putin and the actual President – Dmitry Medvedev. The Polish-Russian last joint ceremony at the Katyn Memorial Cementary, to where Vladimir Putin invited his Polish counterpart Donald Tusk, held on April 7, 2010, was a big leap forward to acknowledge the Katyn truth. But no legal action followed so far. The investigation of the mass murders by Soviets by the Polish Institute of National Memory is very difficult and meets many obstacles from the Russian side. In Russia, there are still many influential groups claiming – against all evidence – that the Katyn murders have been committed by Germans.


The intention of the late President Lech Kaczynski, who insisted to visit Katyn Memorial Cementary himself on April 10,2010, was to demand a more clear and univocal apology from the Russian authorities and to prompt the legal procedures. Yet, on that day, President Kaczynski met his own fate, and he and 95 other victims, including many prominent Polish political and military people were killed in an unexpected crash of the presidential plane, a Soviet-built TU-154M, before the airfield of their destination near Smolensk.

As Lech Walesa said, it was – once more – a “decapitation” of Poland, though not intended by the Russians this time.  A former US Ambassador to Poland (1997-2000), now a high-ranking State Department official, Mr. Daniel Fried, exclaimed hearing the tragic news about the crash: “Oh, Katyn again, the damned.”

The investigation

While Poland is mourning her dead leaders, the President in the first place, an investigation has been started to find out the cause(s) of the sudden plane crash, claiming 96 victims. With no intention to blame anybody for the accident, one can say that the Russians, including Prime Minister Vladimir Putin and President Dmitry Medvedev, were extremely helpful and sympathetic, personally appealing to the Polish people and organizing all sorts of help to the Polish government officials, the military, the prosecutors and the families of the victims. There is no sign of any Russian “conspiracy” or even intention to “decapitate” Poland’s leaders again, in spite of divergent views on history, Katyn and many other controversial issues, past and present.

The late President of Poland, Lech Kaczynski, was often very critical of the present authoritarian Russian regime and personally he had engaged himself in the Russian-Georgian conflict, on the site of Georgia (last Saturday, President Saakashvili proclaimed him “A hero of Georgia”). But that never blocked President Kaczynski’s possibility to visit Russia and to engage in political talks with Russian leaders. President Kaczynski planned his visit to Moscow, on the 65th anniversary of the victory over Nazi Germany, on May 9, 2010. He also offered a seat in his “Air Force 101” Tu-154M plane to General Wojciech Jaruzelski (86), who had been invited to these celebrations by the Russian top leadership as a former combatant of the 2d World War.

At the first glimpse, not supported by detailed findings of the current Polish-Russian investigation of the April 10 accident, it seems that the Polish delegation flying to Smolensk for Katyn ceremonies, was in a hurry to attend the solemnities and to join over 400 other guests, who went to Katyn by a special train earlier. The technical condition of the presidential plane, 20 years old but overhauled and modernized in December 2009 in Samara aircraft repair plant was very good, and that aircraft was granted an extension of its flying life to more 5 years and 7500 flight hours. It has flown only 138 hours since the last overhaul and flight certificate.

Three possible causes of the crash are being examined now:

(1) bad weather (thick fog) at the Severnyi airfield,
(2) human errors (of Polish pilots and Russian air traffic control on the ground),
(3) technical defect of the plane.


To me, the first two causes seem the most probable. The Polish crew was warned of bad weather conditions in Smolensk still before the plane’s departure from Warsaw (at about 07:30 a.m. local time), then, when the presidential TU-154M flew over Severnyi military-civilian airfield near Smolensk (about 09:00 a.m. Polish time, and before 11:00 a.m. local Russian time), the fog was still dense and the visibility was no more than some 1500 feet. The Russian air traffic control de-turned a Russian transport plane IL.76 to Minsk, just an hour before. The controllers did not advise the Polish crew to attempt landing at bad weather conditions. But the Poles insisted to land and the plane came down too low, cut some tree tops in the forest and crashed against the ground 0.93 mile from the airstrip. The captain of the presidential aircraft, Mr. Arkadiusz Protasiuk, was considered one of the most experienced and stress-resistant pilots of the Special Air Force Regiment serving the Polish President, the Government and the Military. The Severnyi airport is primitive and has no ILS (Instrument Landing System). It has only radio-lanterns for plane guiding. To attempt a landing there in bad weather was a great risk. A mission control operator told Reuters anonymously: “The pilot was advised to fly to Moscow or Minsk because of heavy fog, but he still decided to land. No one should have been landing in that fog.” (Wikipedia)

The Polish pilots died in the accident. Maybe the investigation will discover why they wanted to land, after all.  A similar accident occurred at Mieroslawiec military airfield in Poland on January 23, 2008, where a Polish CASA military plane hit the ground, killing instantly over 20 senior Air Force officers. That airfield had no ILS installed as well.

The death toll

The most tragic result of the Smolensk crash is the death of 96 persons aboard, including two Presidents of Poland (Kaczynski (60) and Kaczorowski (91), the later being an Ex-President in Exile), 10 top Polish generals, including the chief of the Army General Staff and the commanders of the Land, Navy, Air Force and Special Forces, deputy Speakers of the Parliament, the President of the National Bank of Poland, many MPs, lawmakers,  high officials of the Presidential Office, a Deputy Foreign Minister and also bishops and priests, social leaders, government ministers and guests, including the famous heroine of Solidarity, Mrs. Anna Walentynowicz.


Let their souls rest in peace! But the Polish politicians and the government officials should never again allow to fly so many prominent country leaders in one plane, even a presidential one. This is the biggest error ever made by the Polish decision-makers.

Note about the author: David Marius Dastych (68) is a veteran international journalist and a former covert intelligence agent (1973-1987 in the CIA), jailed in communist Poland for his anti-Soviet activity. He is a handicapped person since a mountain accident in France in 1994 but still professionally active, presently the owner and manager of Davids Media Agency in Warsaw. He is a columnist for Canada Free Press.
Sunday, April 11, 2010

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David M. Dastych  Bio David M. Dastych Most recent columnsDavid Dastych is a former Polish intelligence operative, who served in the 1960s-1980s and was a double agent for the CIA from 1973 until his arrest in 1987 by then-communist Poland on charges of espionage. Dastych was released from prison in 1990 after the fall of communism and in the years since has voluntarily helped Western intelligence services with tracking the nuclear proliferation black market in Eastern Europe and the Middle East. After a serious injury in 1994 confined him to a wheelchair, Dastych began a second career as an
investigative journalist covering terrorism, intelligence and organized crime.
David can be reached at: davids@aster.pl
Other articles by David Dastych

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Warsaw, Poland
Sunday, February 28, 2010

DAVID M. DASTYCH, now 68 (a photo by Irena Elster, Paris)

Exclusive for CFP: Back to Freedom – 20 Years Ago
On February 28, 1990 – I left a Communist Prison


By David Dastych Sunday, February 28, 2010


[In Barczewo Prison was kept the war criminal, Gauleiter of Ostpreußen – Erich Koch. He died in prison in 1986. With him the communists kept there the Solidarity and anti-communist leaders: Adam Michnik, Władysław Frasyniuk and Leszek Moczulski in the early 1980s. [and David M. Dastych and Professor Jozef Szaniawski, Col. R.Kuklinski’s friend and biographer, in the late 1980s.]

The late Colonel Ryszard Kukliński (left) with his friend and biographer Professor Jozef Szaniawski (we were kept in Barczewo Prison together) 



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Exclusive for CFP: Back to Freedom – 20 Years Ago

On February 28, 1990 – I left a Communist prison

By David Dastych Sunday, February 28, 2010

[In Barczewo Prison was kept the war criminal, Gauleiter of Ostpreußen – Erich Koch. He died in prison in 1986. With him the communists kept there the Solidarity and anti-communist leaders: Adam Michnik, Władysław Frasyniuk and Leszek Moczulski in the early 1980s. [and David M. Dastych and Professor Jozef Szaniawski, Col. R.Kuklinski’s friend and biographer, in the late 1980s.]

The main gate of the Barczewo Prison in Poland

Warsaw-Poland-February 28: It is twenty years already since I left a Communist prison in Barczewo [nicknamed “Barczewo-Hilton”] on Wednesday morning, the last day of February1990. I knew I would be conditionally released, after my 8-year sentence was reduced to 5 years by a Military Tribunal in Warsaw on January 2, 1990. But I didn’t know exactly when I would be set free. On that ordinary weekday, my lawyer D. Krasowski, Esq., came to see me and he told me I would be called to a Military Tribunal hearing in Barczewo Penitentiary. I wasn’t sure they would release me on that day. But the hearing lasted only 15 minutes, and I was told I was to be released on conditional terms immediately. Then, I had to go to a prison wardrobe to dress up and to my cell in a Special Ward to pick up my things. I asked for a permission to visit some of the co-prisoners to give them some things and to take letters from them. Then I said good-bye to the “fellow-criminals” I knew and I collected some cash from a depository, before leaving the prison for good.

It was a bright, sunny day and, at first, I went to a nearby chapel to meet a monk, who helped me in my prison years. He wasn’t there, so I left some money in the chapel, I prayed briefly and I went out to take my place in my lawyer’s car.


There were no cell phones at that time in Poland. But I didn’t want to call my family from a post office: my sudden come-back should be a surprise to them.

I asked the lawyer to keep me company in visiting the beautiful small town of Barczewo, situated at a lake. When in prison, I never had a chance to see it, the only view from my cell was of some trees and a high prison wall. That prison was located in a former monastery. I took out my cash and I went to a store to buy a white shirt and a tie. To my great surprise, they were quite expensive. For several years I had no idea how much Polish money was worth, as there had been a big inflation.

After a peaceful regime change in Poland and a victory of “Solidarity” in the semi-free elections of June 4,1989, I read a lot about the economy to get prepared for my later life.

Some time ago, in my cell, I wrote a little “poem” about the economic situation of Poland. In a rough English translation it runs like this:

Our Poland Today

No money, no honey
But hopes and baloney,
No sugar, no meat
But an eternal Polish wit;
No vodka, no squash
But free computers “McIntosh”;
A heap of banknotes
But no real pay –
This is our Poland today.

Like it? It wasn’t the only piece of poetry I wrote in prison. I also wrote the lyrics to a song about “Barczewo-Hilton” and a lot of epigrams like this one (translated from Russian):
Lech Walesa in Moscow
He came to us as a guest
To sing a requiem
For dead Communism
In the name of a living “Solidarity”

In the second half of 1989, I asked the Military Court in Warsaw to grant me permission to correspond with family and friends in the United States. The permission was granted, a unique case, as I was convicted…for spying for the C.I.A. But the regime was over and we experienced more freedom in the special prison ward. To make some fun, I started to write letters in Polish, English and Russian, translating the ones in the foreign languages myself. The letters were then posted by my family. I wrote to my friend, Mr. Zygmunt “Ziggy” Broniarek, then a Washington D.C. correspondent of the chief Comparty daily “Trybuna Ludu.” Broniarek (still alive, over 80 now) promised me to pass some of my Russian letters to Ms. Condoleezza Rice. I invented a Russian pen-name for myself “Lev Davidovich Zek” and I pretended to be “an unknown Russian poet,” writing from a Siberian forced labor camp. I penned mostly short epigrams, like this one:

You’re a Greek Zorba

or (more seriously)

I remember the Afghan mountains,
Flames and blood of children and widows,
Bombs and missiles of Russian soldiers;
Death all around…
But we aren’t the aggressors, are we?

I am not sure Condi Rice received my “poems” as Ziggy promised to pass them to her. But a chance to write letters to American friends gave me a “lift to heaven” and a lot of joy. On August 1,1989, an American professor of law from Washington D.C. visited me in Barczewo Prison and I handed him a report about my case and about the conditions in Polish prisons. In 1989, there were many strikes and even riots in prisons. In Barczewo Prison, the criminals organized a strike and chose me as their “legal counsel.” That was too much for the Prison Warden and, of course, he refused. I enjoyed some respect among the co-prisoners, mostly ordinary criminals with long-time sentences, up to 25 years. The policy of that time was to put dangerous criminals into the cells of “political” prisoners, or “enemies of the state” like me, an alleged C.I.A. spy. I observed them carefully, as some of them were secret informers. I learned from them some skills and a prison slang, and even I practiced karate with one young bandit. When in Warsaw Central Jail, I helped some talented prisoners (painters, wood-carvers etc.). They offered me their drawings, which I still keep at home (perhaps I should scan some).

As we drove back to Warsaw, my lawyer couldn’t drink alcohol but I had some cognac with coffee that made me happy and jovial. Poor Mr. Krasowski had to listen to my prison stories, jokes and songs.

We came to my family house in the late afternoon. My old Mother almost had a heart-attack of joy! I had to stay with her and talk to her until she went to sleep. Then my Khmer girl-friend came to see me with her two sons and we were all too happy. The whole night, I drank Suntory Whiskey with my Japanese brother-in-law, Teruo, who was very curious about my experience. He knew I was also made a “Japanese spy” by the secret police, which was a big lie and provocation. My sister Halina made some good food, Polish and Japanese, and the night passed quickly.

The next morning, on March 1, 1990, I woke up ready to perform my “normal” prison chores. For some time yet, I couldn’t get accustomed to freedom. I went to a Police (militia) station to register as a conditionally released “criminal” and then I visited a passport office and I asked for a Polish passport, of which I was deprived for 14 years by the Communist special services. It was a great fun: I had to fill in a passport form and I wrote with certain pride when and for what for I was convicted. To my great surprise, I received my passport in just a few days.

In 1988, when I was imprisoned, I divorced my wife to protect her and my two children – Olaf (son) and Natalia (daughter). My wife, who was a journalist and editor-in-chief of a women’s weekly paper, met Raisa, the wife of Mikhail Gorbachev, to ask for help. Nothing happened then, of course. Only one foreign country, Israel, issued a note to the Polish Foreign Ministry inquiring about me. The U.S. Government did nothing to protect me, therefore, later on, in Brussels, I met a CIA diplomat to end my services for The Company. I didn’t ask for money or protection or for anything else, as I worked on my own and it was a voluntary service. I also wrote to the Prime Minister of Japan, dismissing an allegation that I served to his intelligence agency (I was accused of that). He never replied but soon I got a well-paid job with Asahi-TV as a co-producer of a documentary about the changes in Poland. I also wrote for a big Japanese magazine about the economic reforms, led by Professor L. Balcerowicz.

But I had no permanent job, no housing (I left my large apartment to the former wife and children). I used to stay with my old Father and with my girl-friend, traveling often and doing some business. Soon I registered my own small enterprise, called “Dastych Trading Co.” and I made good use of the economic freedom in Poland to earn money.

My first trip abroad, after a dozen or more years, was to Berlin, already united. I went there by plane from Warsaw, incidentally meeting on board a former journalist colleague, the late Mr. M. Rakowski, who was a Prime Minister of Poland in the 1980s, and then the last First Secretary of the PUWP (the Communist party), which he “laid to rest.” We chatted in a friendly fashion, and I learned that my letter from the Warsaw Central Prison never reached him. In Berlin I had to go through the fallen Wall and I installed myself in one of the expensive hotels. From there I phoned to family and friends all over the world, from Germany to Australia and the U.S.A. and I wrote many letters to politicians, MPs and other people. Later on the Chancellor of Germany Helmut Kohl sent me a thank-you note via the Embassy with thanks for my part in the re-unification of Germany. Well, this part was a tiny one, as the main thanks they owed was to Mikhail Gorbachev.

In Berlin I visited good restaurants, theaters and clubs, and also the places near the Wall, where I was earlier on the Eastern side many times, since 1961, with no chance to cross over to West Berlin. That was sad.

Later on I also went to Moscow, where nobody wanted to arrest me but friends accepted me with typical Russian cordiality and a lot of vodka. I also became a travel-guide to tour Europe, and then Asia on low cost. In the 1990s, I went to China to trade and this was a really good choice. I was also in Israel, meeting my close friend, a nuclear physicist, the late Mr. Shalheveth Freier (also a former intelligence operative). By following his advice, I started a multi-year operation monitoring illegal trafficking in nuclear materials and weapons…But that is a separate story to tell at another time.

Let me finish this article with a piece of poetry from prison. It’s about East Germany in 1989:

Go West Young Man
(East German style)

Here we go again
To the West on Freedom Train,
By Walesa we’ve been told
How to jump over the Wall;
Thanks to Poland, now we know
How to be brave and where to go;
Good-bye Genosse Honecker!
In the West we will live much better
And when all of us get invited
Germany will be re-united.
—[October 1989)

Oh. I have found some nice aphorisms yet (also from my prison notes):

Socialism is the road to Communism that means – to nowhere.
Capitalism is what remains on the bottom of socialism, after its reform.
The law of the Left is lawlessness; the law of the Right is dictatorship;The law of the Middle is – probably – a democracy.
The criminal code in socialism: a citizen has the right to be convicted.
Lech Walesa is a Polish variant of Julius Caesar: “Veni, vidi, arrange”
Three ways out of the economic crisis:
A liberal way – take care of yourself,
A socialist way – the state will help you if you help yourself,
A charitable way – free soup!
Generations pass by and prisons remain!
© David Dastych, 2010


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David Dastych Bio

David Dastych, 68 is a veteran journalist, writing for Polish and foreign media. He was also a businessman and consultant to foreign business, one time an associate director of Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) in Poland. Now he owns and operates an international media agency in Warsaw (David’s Media Agency), serving foreign authors and providing PR services to business companies.

David can be reached at: davids@aster.pl


Our agents and double agents

They made real contributions to our winning the Cold War. Some of them paid the highest price for it.

“Farewell” – Col. Vladimir Vetrov
Col. Ryszard Kuklinski (died on February 11, 2004 in Tampa, Florida, U.S.A.)
Gen. Dmitri Polyakov
Adolf Tolkachev
Valery Martynov
Vladimir Potashov
Boris Yuzhin
Sergey Motorin
Vladimir Vasilyev
Sergey Vorontsov
Gennady Varenik
Sergey Fedorenko
Oleg Gordievsky (living in England)
Jerzy Pawlowski (died on January 11, 2005 in Warsaw, Poland)
Col. Oleg Penkovsky
Istvan Belovai (living in Budapest, Hungary)
Gabor Rimner
Zoltan Halmi
Mariusz Dastych (David M.Dastych journalist, 68, Warsaw, Poland)
Bogdan Walewski (living in the U.S.A.)
Stanislaw Debowski
Col. Peter Popov
Anatoly N. Filatov
Aleksander N. Cherpanov
Michal Goleniewski

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20 02 2010


[Lee Wanta is not mentioned here but he was pivotal in the intelligence operations against the Soviet ruble from 1988!]

Deanna Spingola February 8, 2010

The Bush family’s project hammer

By Deanna Spingola


Hammering the USSR’s Economy


In 1989 President George H. W. Bush began the multi-billion dollar Project Hammer program using an investment strategy to bring about the economic destruction of the Soviet Union including the theft of the Soviet treasury, the destabilization of the ruble, funding a KGB coup against Gorbachev in August 1991 and the seizure of major energy and munitions industries in the Soviet Union. Those resources would subsequently be turned over to international bankers and corporations. On November 1, 2001, the second operative in the Bush regime, President George W. Bush, issued Executive Order 13233 on the basis of “national security” and concealed the records of past presidents, especially his father’s spurious activities during 1990 and 1991. Consequently, those records are no longer accessible to the public. [1] The Russian coup plot was discussed in June 1991 when Yeltsin visited with Bush in conjunction with his visit to the United States. On that same visit, Yeltsin met discreetly with Gerald Corrigan, the chairman of the New York Federal Reserve. [2]

Because of numerous Presidential Executive Orders, the ethically questionable Project Hammer was deemed legal. Of course, even Hitler’s acts were “lawful,” as he had manipulated the laws to accommodate his actions. Many of Reagan’s executive orders were actually authored by Vice President Bush or his legal associates, and it is possible that Project Hammer was created by Reagan’s CIA Director, William Casey, who had directed OSS operations through Alan Dulles in Europe during World War II. Prior to his OSS affiliation, Casey worked for the Board of Economic Warfare which allegedly targeted “Hitler’s economic jugular.” [3] Allen Dulles, brother of John Foster Dulles, was the Director of the CIA from 1953 to 1961. He was a senior partner at the Wall Street firm of Sullivan and Cromwell, which represented the Rockefeller Empire and other mammoth trusts, corporations and cartels.

Project Hammer was staffed with CIA operatives and others associated with the National Security apparatus. Covert channels were already in place as a result of other illegal Bush activities. Thus, it was a given (1) that the project would use secret, illegal funds for unapproved covert operations, and (2) that the American public and Congress would not be informed about the illegal actions perpetrated in foreign countries. The first objective was allegedly to crush Communism, a growing political philosophy and social movement that was initially funded by the usual group of international bankers who now supported their demise. To this end, the “Vulcans,” under George H. W. Bush, waged war against the Soviet Union. [4]

The Return of the Vulcans

In their reincarnation in the administration of George W. Bush, the Vulcans functioned as a supposedly benign group, led by Council of Foreign Relations (CFR) member Condoleezza Rice, who attempted to augment and compensate for the Bush’s lack of experience and education concerning foreign policy during his presidential campaign. Rice had been President George H. W. Bush’s Soviet and East European Affairs Advisor in the National Security Council during the Soviet Union’s dissolution and during the German reunification (July 1, 1990). The resurrected Vulcan group included Richard Armitage, Robert Blackwill, Stephen Hadley, Richard Perle, Rabbi Dov S. Zakheim, Robert Zoellick and Paul Wolfowitz. Other key campaign figures included Dick Cheney, George P. Shultz and Colin Powell, all influential but not actually a part of the Vulcan Group. All of these people, associated with the George H. W. Bush administration, returned to powerful, strategic positions in George W. Bush’s administration.

Richard Perle and Paul Wolfowitz have been accused of being agents for the Israeli government. Investigations by Congress and the FBI have substantiated those allegations. Zakheim and his family were heavily involved in Yeshivat Sha’alvim, an educational organization in which students are taught to render absolute commitment to the State of Israel. [5]

Many of these individuals were also members of the Project for a New American Century (PNAC) which was established in the spring of 1997 with the intention of promoting American Global leadership at any cost. The chairman and co-founder was William Kristol, son of Irving Kristol (CFR), considered the godfather of neo-conservatism which promotes the ideas of Max Shachtman and Leo Strauss, a noted Zionist and professor of political science at the University of Chicago. Kristol’s co-founder was Robert W. Kagan (CFR). Kristol is also the editor and co-founder, along with John Podhoretz, of the Weekly Standard Magazine, established September 17, 1995 and owned by Rupert Murdoch until August 2009. This “conservative” magazine is edited by William Kristol and Fred Barnes and promotes Middle East warfare and a huge military budget, a mentality that infects the most popular “conservative” talk show radio hosts. Kristol is a trustee for the Manhattan Institute which was founded by CIA Director William Casey and was staffed with former CIA officers.

The Vulcans had almost limitless financing from a cache known by several names — the Black Eagle Trust, the Marcos gold, Yamashita’s Gold, the Golden Lily Treasure, or the Durham Trust. Japan, under Emperor Hirohito, appointed a brother, Prince Chichibu, to head Golden Lily, established in November 1937 before Japan’s infamous Rape of Nanking, to accompany and follow the military. The Golden Lily operation carried out massive plunder throughout Asia and included an army of jewelers, financial experts and smelters. [6] While the Nazis also engaged in plundering the countries they invaded, they were not as organized and methodical as the Japanese. After the Allied blockade, Golden Lily headquarters were moved from Singapore to Manila where 175 storage sites were built by slave laborers and POWs. Billions of dollars worth of gold and other plundered treasures were stockpiled in these underground caverns, some of which were discovered by the notorious Cold Warrior, Edward G. Lansdale who directed the recovery of some of the vaults. Truman and subsequent presidents, without congressional knowledge, have used those resources to finance the CIA’s chaotic clandestine activities throughout the world. Much of the Middle East chaos is financed by those pillaged funds. A tiny portion of that treasure was the source of Ferdinand Marcos’ vast wealth. Marcos worked with the CIA for decades using Golden Lily funds to bribe nations to support the Vietnam War. In return, Marcos was allowed to sell over $1 trillion in gold through Australian brokers. [7]

In July 1944, the leaders of forty-four nations met at Bretton Woods, New Hampshire to plan the post-war economy and to discuss organizing a global political action fund which would use the Black Eagle Trust ostensibly to fight communism, bribe political leaders, enhance the treasuries of U.S. allies, and manipulate elections in foreign countries and other unconstitutional covert operations. Certainly, those politicos who managed the funds also received financial benefits. This trust was headed by Secretary of War Henry Stimson, assisted by John J. McCloy (later head of the World Bank) and Robert Lovett (later Secretary of Defense) and consultant Robert B. Anderson (later Secretary of the Treasury). [8] Anderson later operated the Commercial Exchange Bank of Anguilla in the British West Indies and was convicted of running illegal offshore banking operations and tax evasion. Investors lost about $4.4 million. Consequently, he was sent to prison for a token amount of time, one month. He was also under house arrest for five years. He could have received a ten-year sentence but Judge Palmieri considered Anderson’s “distinguished service” to the country in the “top levels of Government.” [9]

Between 1945 and 1947 huge quantities of gold and platinum were deposited in prominent banks throughout the world.


These deposits came to be known as the Black Eagle Trust. Swiss banks, because of their neutrality, were pivotal in maintaining these funds. These funds were allocated to fighting communism and paying bribes and fixing elections in places like Italy, Greece, and Japan. [10] Stimson and McCloy, both retired from government service, continued their involvement in the management of the Black Eagle Trust. Robert B. Anderson, who toured the treasure sites with Douglas MacArthur, set up the Black Eagle Trust and later became a member of Eisenhower’s cabinet. [11] In order to maintain secrecy about the Trust, Washington officials insisted that the Japanese did not plunder the countries they invaded. Japanese officials who wanted to divulge the facts were imprisoned or murdered in a way that made it look like suicide, a common CIA tactic. [12] The Germans paid reparations to thousands of victims while the Japanese paid next to nothing. Military leaders who opposed foreign policies that embraced exploitation of third world countries were suicided or died from mysterious causes, which includes individuals such as George S. Patton, Smedley D. Butler and James V. Forrestal.

The Vulcan’s effort to crush Communism and end the Cold War was largely funded by that Japanese plunder.

The Vulcans were resurrected when George W. Bush was installed as president in 2000, facilitated by election maneuvers, probably lots of payoffs, and Jeb Bush’s purge of Florida voters. They conducted other illegal operations, like securities fraud and money laundering. This entailed murder and false imprisonment to prevent penitent participants from divulging the activities of the group. During the process of accomplishing the main objective of destroying the Soviet Union, the operatives made massive profits.

In September 1991, George H. W. Bush and Alan Greenspan, both Pilgrims Society members, financed $240 billion in illegal bonds to economically decimate the Soviet Union and bring Soviet oil and gas resources under the control of Western investors, backed by the Black Eagle Trust and supported later by Putin who for the right price purged certain oligarchs.


The $240 billion in illegal bonds were apparently replaced with Treasury notes backed by U.S. taxpayers. [13] To conceal the clearance of $240 billion in securities, the Federal Reserve, within two months, increased the money supply to pre-9/11 numbers which resulted in the American taxpayer refinancing the $240 billion. [14]

The Takeover of Russia’s Oil Industry

BP Amoco became the largest foreign direct investor in Russia in 1997 when it paid a half-billion dollars to buy a 10 percent stake in the Russian oil conglomerate Sidanko. Then in 1999, Tyumen Oil bought Sidanko’s prize unit, Chernogorneft which allegedly made BP Amoco’s investment worthless. Tyumen offered to cooperate with BP Amoco on the development of Chernogorneft but BP Amoco was not interested. [15] In October 1998, Halliburton Energy Services had entered into an agreement with Moscow-based Tyumen Oil Company (TNK). Their efforts were focused on the four western Siberia fields, the first one being the Samotlorskoye field. [16] TNK has proven oil reserves of 4.3 billion barrels and possibly as many as 6.1 billion barrels, with crude oil production and refining capabilities of 420,000 barrels/day and 230,000 barrels/day, respectively. TNK markets gasoline through 400 retail outlets. [17] In 2002 Halliburton and Sibneft, Russia’s fifth largest crude oil producer, signed an agreement. Sibneft will use Halliburton’s new technologies to improve well construction and processing while Halliburton directs all project management. [18]

Tyumenskaya Neftyanaya Kompaniya (Tyumen Oil Company) was established in 1995 by government decree. It is now TNK-BP, the leading Russian oil company and ranks among the top ten privately owned oil companies worldwide in terms of crude oil production. The company, formed in 2003, resulted from the merger of BP’s Russian oil and gas assets and the oil and gas assets of Alfa, Access/Renova group (AAR). BP and AAR each own fifty percent of TNK-BP. The shareholders of TNK-BP own almost fifty percent of Slavneft, a vertically integrated Russian oil company. [19] This transaction was the biggest in Russian corporate history and was managed by Vladimir Lechtman, the Moscow partner for Jones Day, a global law firm with thirty offices and 2,200 lawyers worldwide. TNK-BP, Russia’s second-largest oil company employs almost 100,000 people and operates in Samotlor. [20]

Putin was financially rewarded by the collaborators and was happy to purge some annoying industrialists who stood in the way.

Mikhail Khodorkovsky was the manager of Yukos, the company that he built into Russia’s second-largest oil company after acquiring it for $168 million when his Bank MENATEP, the first privately owned but notoriously corrupt bank since 1917 and wiped out in August 1998, purchased it through a controversial government privatization auction in 1995. MENATEP was named as a defendant in the Avisma lawsuit which was filed on August 19, 1999. [21] The bank may have facilitated the large-scale theft of Soviet Treasury funds before and following the USSR‘s collapse in 1991. [22] His company had borrowed hundreds of millions of dollars from western banks. [23] He was arrested on October 25, 2003 and sentenced in June 2005 to eight years on fraud and tax evasion charges. He was allegedly targeted as a political enemy by President Vladimir Putin who went after other big business owners who apparently made money by acquiring states assets. Yukos was sold piecemeal to pay off $28 billion in back tax charges. Yukos was seized and given to Rosneft. [24]

When Khodorkovsky was arrested, his secretive business arrangement with the Rothschild family was exposed as Jacob Rothschild assumed Khodorkovsky’s 26% control of Yukos while Khodorkovsky’s directorial seat on the Yukos board went to Edgar Ortiz, a former Halliburton vice president during Dick Cheney’s reign as CEO at Halliburton. Cheney, as President and CEO of Halliburton, automatically had an association with the State Oil Company of Azerbaijan Republic (SOCAR). [25] In November 1997, Dick Cheney, in anticipation of imminent events, had appointed Edgar Ortiz as president of Halliburton Energy Services, their global division. [26]

The Yukos Oil Company merged with the smaller Sibneft Oil Company on October 3, 2003 which created Russia’s largest oil and gas business and the world’s fourth-largest private oil company. [27] On May 11, 2007 Halliburton announced they had made an agreement with the Tyumen State Oil and Gas University to open a new employee-training center in Russia to grow their business in that country and in the surrounding region. They are currently training students from five countries, Kazakhstan, the Netherlands, Norway, Russia and the United Kingdom. [28] Halliburton was awarded a $33 million contract by TNK-BP to provide oil field services to develop the Ust-Vakh field in Western Siberia. [29]

September 11 — Black Op Cover-up

Three top securities brokers had offices in the World Trade Center, Cantor Fitzgerald, Euro Brokers and Garbon Inter Capital.

Flight 11 struck just under the floors where Cantor Fitzgerald was located. Cantor Fitzgerald, with possible connections to the U.S. Intelligence apparatus, was America‘s biggest securities broker and apparently the main target. Within minutes, an explosion in the North Tower’s vacant 23rd floor, right under the offices of the FBI and Garbon Inter Capital on the 25th floor caused a huge fire from the 22nd through the 25th floors. At the same time, there was an explosion in the basement of the North Tower. [30]

A vault in the North Tower basement held less than $1 billion in gold, much of which was reportedly moved before 9/11. However, the government had hundreds of billions of dollars of securities which were summarily destroyed.

The Federal Reserve, untouched by the crisis at its downtown offices (as they had everything backed up to a remote location), assumed emergency powers that afternoon. The $240 billion in securities were electronically cleared. [31] Then, at 9:03, Flight 175 slammed into the 78th floor of the South Tower just below the 84th floor where Euro Brokers were located. [32] Brian Clark, the manager at Euro Brokers, heard numerous explosions, apparently unrelated to what he referred to as the oxygen-starved fire caused by the plane crash.

The September 11 attacks related to the financial improprieties during the preceding ten years which spurred at least nine federal investigations which were initiated in 1997-1998, about the same time that Osama bin Laden, after twenty years as a CIA asset, announced a fatwa against the U.S. The records of many of those investigations were held in the Buildings Six and Seven and on the 23rd floor of the North Tower. Those investigations were sure to reveal the Black Eagle Trust shenanigans. [33] Building Seven, not hit by a plane, collapsed at 5:20:33 p.m. but was vacated as early as 9:00 when evacuees claimed to see dead bodies and sporadic fires within the building.

By 2008 and even earlier the covert securities were worth trillions.

 The securities used to decimate the Soviets and end the Cold War were stored in certain broker’s vaults in the World Trade Center where they were destroyed on September 11, 2001. They would have come due for settlement and clearing on September 12, 2001. [34] The federal agency investigating these bonds, the Office of Naval Intelligence was in the section of the Pentagon that was destroyed on September 11. Renovations at the Pentagon were due to be completed on September 16, 2001. However, the Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI), the entity that often monitors war games, was hurriedly moved. If they were monitoring the simultaneous war games that morning, they would have realized that the games were used as a distraction from the actual assault.

Whatever hit the Pentagon struck the Navy Command Center and the offices of the Chief of Naval Operations Intelligence Plot (CNO-IP). [35] There were 125 fatalities in the Pentagon; thirty-one percent of them were people who worked in the Naval Command Center, the location of the Office of Naval Intelligence. Thirty-nine of the forty people who worked in the Office of Naval Intelligence died. [36]

On September 10, 2001 Rumsfeld announced that the Pentagon couldn’t account for $2.3 trillion,

 “We are, as they say, tangled in our anchor chain. Our financial systems are decades old. According to some estimates, we cannot track $2.3 trillion in transactions. We cannot share information from floor to floor in this building because it’s stored on dozens of technological systems that are inaccessible or incompatible.” [37] It was forgotten the following morning. Accountants, bookkeepers and budget analysts who were in the section of the Pentagon being renovated met their unexpected deaths. The destruction of accounting facts and figures will prevent discovery of where that money went. I am quite certain someone knows where it is. Certainly this is not merely gross incompetence but private seizure of public funds. [38] At the time Rabbi Dov Zakheim was chief-financial officer for the Department of Defense. [39] In 1993, Zakheim worked for SPS International, part of System Planning Corporation, a defense contractor. His firm’s subsidiary, Tridata Corporation directed the investigation of the first “terrorist” attack on the World Trade Center in 1993. [40]

Certain National Security officials who had participated in the Cold War victory in 1991 thus comprised the collateral damage of the Cold War.


 They, along with hundreds of innocent people were in the World Trade Center towers and the Pentagon. Their deaths were presumably required to conceal the existence of the Black Eagle Trust, along with the numerous illegal activities it had funded for over 50 years. This massive destruction, and the lost lives, constitutes a massive cover-up and continued lawlessness by the brotherhood of death, Skull and Bones, and their accomplices, the Enterprise. [41] The Enterprise was established in the 1980s as a covert fascist Cold Warriors faction working with other groups like Halliburton’s private security forces and the Moonies. Citibank is connected to the Enterprise, along with all the CIA front banks, Nugen Hand and BCCI.

Double Dipping

Alvin B. “Buzzy” Krongard was elected Chief Executive Officer of Alexander Brown and Sons in 1991 and Chairman of the Board in 1994. Bankers Trust purchased Alexander Brown and Sons in 1997 to form BT Alex Brown. Krongard relinquished his investments in Alex Brown to Banker’s Trust as part of the merger. He became Vice Chairman of Banker’s Trust where he personally interacted with wealthy clients who were intimately linked to drug money laundering. After a year of possible networking, Krongard joined (or as Michael Ruppert suggests, rejoined) the CIA in 1998 where his friend, Director George Tenet, concentrated his skills on private banking ventures within the elite moneyed community. Senate investigations verify that private banking firms frequently engage in money laundering from illicit drugs and corporate crime operations. [42] On January 28, 2000 the Reginald Howe and GATA Lawsuit was filed which accused certain U.S. bullion banks of illegally dumping U.S. Treasury gold on the market.

The lawsuit named Deutsche Bank Alex Brown, the U.S. Treasury, Alan Greenspan, the Federal Reserve, and Citibank, Chase, as defendants. Gerald Corrigan was accused of having private knowledge of the scheme. [43] Krongard became the Executive Director of the CIA, essentially the Chief Operating Officer, and the number three man on March 16, 2001. Krongard, while at the CIA, arranged for Blackwater’s Erik Prince to get his first contract with the U.S. government, and later joined its board.

Richard Wagner, a data retrieval expert, estimated that more than $100 million in illegal transactions appeared to have rushed through the WTC computers before and during the disaster on September 11, 2001.

 A Deutsche Bank employee verified that approximately five minutes before the first plane hit the tower that the Deutsche Bank computer system in their WTC office was seized by an outside, unknown entity. Every single file was swiftly uploaded to an unidentified locality. This employee escaped from the building, but lost many of his friends. He knew, from his position in the company, that Alex Brown, the Deutsche Bank subsidiary participated in insider trading.

 Senator Carl Levin claimed that Alex Brown was just one of twenty prominent U.S. banks associated with money laundering. [44]

Andreas von Bülow, a Social Democratic Party member of the German parliament (1969-1994), was on the parliamentary committee on intelligence services, a group that has access to classified information. Von Bülow was also a member of the Schalck-Golodkowski investigation committee which investigates white-collar crime. He has estimated that inside trader profits surrounding 9/11 totaled approximately $15 billion.

Von Bülow told The Daily Telegraph “If what I say is right, the whole US government should end up behind bars.”

Further, he said, “They have hidden behind a veil of secrecy and destroyed the evidence…they invented the story of 19 Muslims working within Osama bin Laden’s al Qaeda in order to hide the truth of their own covert operation.” He also said, “I’m convinced that the US apparatus must have played a role and my theory is backed up by the [Washington] government’s refusal to present any proof whatsoever of what happened.” [45]

On September 26, CBS reported that the amount was more than $100 million and that seven countries were investigating the irregular trades. Two newspapers, Reuters and the New York Times, and other mainstream media reported that the CIA regularly monitors extraordinary trades and economic irregularities to ascertain possible criminal activities or financial assaults.

 In fact, the CIA uses specialized software, PROMIS, to scrutinize trades. [46]

Numerous researchers believe, with justification, that the transactions in the financial markets are indicative of foreknowledge of the events of 9/11, the attacks on the Twin Towers and the Pentagon. One of the trades, for $2.5 million, a pittance compared to the total, went unclaimed. Alex Brown, once managed by Krongard, was the firm that placed the put options on United Airlines stock.

President Bush awarded Krongard by appointing him as CIA Executive Director in 2004. [47]

Between September 6 and 7, 2001, the Chicago Board Options Exchange received purchases of 4,744 put options on United Airlines and only 396 call options. If 4,000 of those options were purchased by people with foreknowledge, they would have accrued about $5 million. On September 10, the Chicago exchange received 4,516 put options on American Airlines compared to 748 calls. The implications are that some insiders might profit by about $4 million. These two incidents were wholly irregular and at least six times higher than normal. [48]

Morgan Stanley Dean Witter & Company, who occupied floors 43-46, 56, 59-74 of the World Trade Center, Tower 2, saw 2,157 of its October $45 put options bought in the three trading days before Black Tuesday. This compares to an average of 27 contracts per day before September 6. Morgan Stanley’s share price fell from $48.90 to $42.50 in the aftermath of the attacks. Assuming that 2,000 of these options contracts were bought based upon knowledge of the approaching attacks, their purchasers could have profited by at least $1.2 million.

The U.S. government never again mentioned the trade irregularities after October 12, 2001. [49] Catastrophic events serve two purposes for the top criminal element in society — the perpetrators seize resources while their legislative accomplices impose burdensome restrictions on the citizens to make them more submissive and silent.


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Deanna Spingola has been a quilt designer and is the author of two books. She has traveled extensively teaching and lecturing on her unique methods. She has always been an avid reader of non-fiction works designed to educate rather than entertain. She is active in family history research and lectures on that topic. Currently she is the director of the local Family History Center. She has a great interest in politics and the direction of current government policies, particularly as they relate to the Constitution.


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18 02 2010

The “Wanta Plan” & The Global Security Fund

 Posted: on February 11, 2010  

The “Wanta Plan” & The Global Security Fund

Posted in Finance, Geo-Political Warfare, Politics by earthlink on February 7, 2010

Ashley Mote raises an issue in EU Parliament:

“Mr. President, I wish to draw your attention to the Global Security Fund, set up in the early 1990s under the auspices of Jacob Rothschild. This is a Brussels-based fund and it is no ordinary fund: it does not trade, it is not listed and it has a totally different purpose. It is being used for geopolitical engineering purposes, apparently under the guidance of the intelligence services.

I have previously asked about the alleged involvement of the European Union’s own intelligence resources in the management of slush funds in offshore accounts, and I still await a reply. To that question I now add another: what are the European Union’s connections to the Global Security Fund and what relationship does it have with European Union institutions?”

http://www.youtube. com/watch? v=NEQyakpsv5E&feature=player_ embedded

Again, and again, we see the hand of the Rothschilds.

Ashley Mote is then set up and accused of fraud.

So what exactly is the Global Security Fund? And what was/is it’s purpose?

Well, believe it or not, the so-called ‘Global Security Fund’, consisting of off-balance sheet USG (U.S. Government) funds originally worth $27.5 trillion raised from 200+ international banks, is a fund which was set up to finance the ‘management’ of the ‘post-Cold War’ environment.

The accumulated value of these funds, held offshore in bank accounts linked to Title 18, Section 6 US Government intelligence corporations established under President Reagan’s Executive Order 12333, is now believed to exceed $70 trillion.

The original $27.5 trillion was raised from the 200+ banks at a deep discount for 20 years at 7.5% per annum.

Introducing LEO WANTA:


Particularly big when various foreign countries are rooting for the “Wanta Plan” to rescue the U.S. like the Marshall Plan did for Europe post WWII, because it will help save them as well. This is a key event of our lives going on right here: the missing 70 TRILLION dollars connected to the criminal endeavors of Clinton-Bush crime team Presidents with the Federal Reserve. That side of the group wants a destruction of the U.S. to continue the NWO. The other side–all the rest of U.S. with many foreign countries and banks–wants the injection of the U.S. 70 trillion that would wipe out U.S. debt in literally weeks.

 If the U.S. is taken down, the nefarious blocking of the “Wanta Plan” shows that it is intentional.


There is no doubt that this is one of the great enigmas of our time. The existence of a fabulous fund of money, whose administrator is the former agent of the US Federal Reserve and Somali ambassador, Leo Wanta, has the investigators divided.

In the nineteen eighties, under the Reagan Administration, Leo Wanta worked as a consultant and secret agent of the Federal Reserve. The absolute confidence which came to be placed in him during his career led the Administration to put him in charge of an immense fund of money, set aside for a hypothetical war with the Soviet Union or for helping to destroy it. At the end of the Cold War, the money should be used for the benefit of the general population. The figure was 25 trillion dollars at the outset, but, with interest owed over the years, the amount today is 75 trillion dollars.

To avoid these funds being liberated, Leo Wanta, who afterwards became Somalian ambassador, was imprisoned in Switzerland and the United States, and was repeatedly poisoned when in prison. None of this deterred Leo Wanta when he was released from prison, from continuing to claim his legal right as administer of this immense fund, through the AmeriTrust Group Inc. The reference which shows this is title 18 USC Section 6 offshore bank accounts, authorized under President Reagan’s Executive Order 12333.

In 2003, a federal jury in Alexandria, Virginia, confirmed Wanta’s status as frontman administrator, and recognized the rights of the American people over this immense amount of money. Among his many opponents in the higher spheres there was a certain CIA agent, Hillary Roadham Clinton and former president of the United States and ex-director of the CIA, George Bush senior, both of whom manage accounts derived from these funds. The first mentioned, known in the CIA by the code name Witch, was in charge of the Foundation for the defense of infancy under President Reagan’s executive order 12333, the same one as that authorizing the Wanta funds. Secret service agents were authorized to manipulate these funds by order of title 16, section 6 USG relating to corporations for the manipulation of funds for intelligence purposes operations. They could do so and deny any link with these services, in order to safeguard their status as secret service agents. According to Christopher Story, the [British] journalist closest to Wanta, “it is known that Hillary is accustomed to use these funds as her private fortune”.

An international issue

This money, originally intended for anticommunist action, as we have said, does not belong to the United States alone.

Under the Protocols dictated by the Reagan Administration, each of the following states should receive five thousand million dollars: Canada, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Mexico and Spain. Additionally, thirty thousand million dollars were to be paid to the Russian Federation. China, in turn, is owed thirty billion dollars by virtue of other agreements reached with the United States Tax Office relating to the Leo Wanta funds. Apparently this arises from China’s purchase of treasury bonds from the United States.

The Funds, it should be explained, are handled by means of instruments known as CHIPS (New York Clearing House Interbank Payments System). During the years of negotiations and court cases, when agreements were reached on various occasions both with Leo Wanta and with the countries involved, the CHIPS turned out to be hollow. That is, they existed as accountancy entries but when it came to liquidate them there was no money backing them. This was because the banks holding them had siphoned off the money to other accounts by means of the false payees we have mentioned, angering the countries who were to be beneficiaries. During the years that Wanta was denied access to the funds, Clinton, Bush and accomplices had used complex financial systems to spirit them away.

Reports from British analyst Christopher Story indicate that these funds were on the agenda at recent G-8 summits, and that their non-payment has led to China ceasing to use the dollar its oil transactions, essentially, with its main supplier, the Islamic Republic of Iran. Particular reports by Story reveal that last June these funds, supposedly to be used in state terrorism operations should have been returned to Wanta’s jurisdiction, under the supervision of the International Court of Justice of The Hague, Ever since then, however, an endless succession of delays and interruptions have occurred, involving the Rockefeller family, , the Rothschild family, Queen Elizabeth II, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, lawyers, judges and political heads of various other countries, all placing obstacles in the way of the liberation of these funds, which would be sufficient to solve the greater part of the problems in the world.

Currently, many banks worldwide have frozen the secret accounts of these 1,500 operators,

so that the conspirators can no longer operate with the funds as before, when they traded using the tax free accounts. British member of the European Parliament, Ashley Mote, is the only such figure to speak out publicly on the issue of these funds. Story’s reports further indicate that these funds, hidden away in secret accounts, are being paid to terrorist organizations.

Could it be that the money that is being suggested to be paid to the Taliban to stop fighting (PATHETIC) is taken from this “Global Security Fund”?

Leo Wanta: SOMALIAN Ambassador to Switzerland?

[These laundered Funds through the Central Bank of Iraq have been used to finance Blackwater/Ee bombings in Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan, along with ‘FALSE FLAG’ terorrist BLACK OPS, as well as DIRECT funding for the Somalia pirates.

The Somalia pirates work in concert with major foreign intelligence agencies, including rogue U.S. CIA, which is comprised of old Iran-Contra players.

The grave possibility is that various nation states, such as Holland and Spain, actually tip off the Somalia pirates to raid their own ships so that the Somalia pirates can take weapons aboard the vessels, sale them to alleged terrorist cells in Yemen, Iraq and Afghanistan and then kickback the Spanish and Dutch monarchies a massive commission derive from black market arms sales.

Just look at those highly sophisticated ships of war:

361-pirates- of-Somalia

article4882260. ece

While the Pirates get their intelligence from London:

Somali-pirates- London-intelligence

“But most of that money does not stay in Somalia. These young men carrying guns are just foot soldiers. Their leaders are in Kenya, Saudi Arabia, the United Kingdom and Canada. It is not easy for a common man in Africa to afford a motorboat with an 80-horsepower engine. It takes people out of Somalia to finance these activities.”

How does the money find its way from the shipping companies to the warlords?

“The payment of ransoms is often done in Nairobi, Mombasa and European capitals, London in particular. I’ve heard cases involving both bank transfers and old-style suitcases filled with cash carried by air or by sea.”

The-London-connection-to-the- Somali-pirates.

Is there a connection between Leo Wanta being an ex Somali Ambassador to Switzerland (Bank of International Settlements) and what is going on in and around Somalia and the Gulf of Aden?

Federal Reserve Board Impedes The Wanta Plan:

* Bernanke Defies The US Treasury & The People

* New ‘Marshall Plan For America’ Sabotaged By The Fed


The Federal Reserve Board, a private corporation owned mainly by foreign interests dominated by Germany, is dubiously blocking the [opening small] crediting of $4.5 trillion of repatriated offshore funds that were transferred into the United States in May and June 2006, in fulfillment of an agreement reached last year between the US authorities and the US financial engineering genius, Leo Wanta, which would transform the financial and economic outlook for the US Treasury, the US economy, the American people, and the whole world.

In so doing, the Federal Reserve, which under the Economic Espionage Act of 1996 [H.R. 3723]* “protecting proprietary economic information, and for other purposes”, is not even entitled to knowledge of the agreements and intended transactions, is in breach of a large number of statutes rendering the Fed’s Chairman, Dr Ben Bernanke, an American of German extraction, and senior Fed officers, liable to severe consequences, not excluding being picked up in front of TV cameras by Federal Marshals.

At the G-8 Meeting in St Petersburg, one subject dominated the discussions behind-the-scenes: The Wanta Plan.

This is the new name for the long-awaited Settlement with Leo Wanta, the distinguished US Treasury/Secret Service financial genius chosen by President Reagan to develop and implement financial strategies for the transformation [ahem, the financial destruction] of the USSR under Gorbachëv.

[The origins of the money was a U.S. state terrorism cache that has been illegally held from being repatriated- -and it was siphoned off to help only the Clinton and Bush families demolish the U.S. instead. Wanta however still is fighting for its repatriation, which would change the U.S. and global financial arrangements overnight. With interest, the billions for it have become mega-trillions sitting there, legally U.S. Treasury money property all this while.

 The treasonous network called the Federal Reserve wants to keep this saving of America–and the world economy–from happening.

Under a revised agreement reached with the White House and the US Treasury, finalized in November 2005 and signed in December, Leo Wanta, the Trustor of giga-funds raised internationally and held offshore, agreed to implement a financial strategy to rehabilitate the finances of the US Federal Government.

The Wanta Plan is of greater relative importance, by an order of magnitude, even than the Marshall Plan, under which war-torn Europe was rehabilitated in the later 1940s.


For as soon as it is implemented, the US Treasury/Internal Revenue Service, will begin to receive a stream of ‘windfall’ funds organized by Leo Wanta’s AmeriTrust Group. Inc. which will result in the transformation of the American Government’s underlying debt position while at the same time delivering a profound and lasting shot-in-the- arm to the US economy that will reverberate around the world.


The Wanta Plan represents a compromise arrangement which will facilitate the transfer of originally off-balance sheet funds, onto the US Treasury’s books and the generation of further taxable transactions enabling the Treasury to pay down debt, while at the same time freeing up funding resources for an unprecedented boost to the US economy, attainable through tax reductions, infrastructure projects and programs to address some of the intractable problems facing the American people.

It also provides the compromise context for a veil to be drawn over rampant past financial corruption embroiling both the corrupt intelligence cadres and the compromised banks.

If this window of compromise is closed, all concerned will be vulnerable to systematic exposure, and worse, without future let or hindrance.

For the alternative to The Wanta Plan would be the repatriation of the full $70 trillion worth of financial assets held in US Government corporate accounts abroad, some of which has been stolen by corrupt intelligence operatives and banking sector co-conspirators.

Other components of the funds have been cross-collateralized and otherwise tied up during Leo Wanta’s illegal incarceration and confinement. Hence, certain institutions’ continued existence might be jeopardized if the Trustor were to exercise his right to call for 100% disgorgement of the funds and the closure of the corporations and their accounts, as confirmed by US Judge Gerald Bruce Lee of the US District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia on 15th April 2003, in a Memorandum Opinion.

This stated that “Plaintiff’s sole remedy in this matter is to proceed with the liquidation of the corporations and report these transactions to the Internal Revenue Service in accordance with the Internal Revenue Code and then challenge the assessment of any taxes in a refund proceeding”.

In his compromise accord, Leo Wanta concurred with the transfer of $4.5 trillion, being a fraction of the original $27.5 trillion, and of course a much smaller proportion of the $70 billion, which, as indicated, is the estimated value of these financial assets today.

However the Trustor has made it plain that he will be left with no option but to collect the aggregate $70 trillion if the long-delayed Wanta Plan is not implemented by close of business on Monday 31st July 2006.

Given that the Federal Reserve, which is simply a clearing house, cannot now be trusted to release funds, the resulting USG accruals may have to be stored temporarily offshore until the tensions between the US Treasury and the Federal Reserve, which have come into the open as a result of this crisis, have been resolved or the Fed has been nationalized, as most knowledgeable observers now consider to be essential.

Certainly, there is no way that the United States can continue to tolerate its financial affairs being compromised by a private financial institution which British intelligence sources inform International Currency Review is taking orders from Germany, and blocking the new US ‘Marshall Plan’.


The conclusion reached by knowledgeable observers is that the United States is being held to ransom by foreigners through the Federal Reserve. The primary culprit is Germany, and its secret ‘Black’ Nazi Continuum agency, Deutsche Verteidigungs Dienst (DVD), Dachau.

(see: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Christopher_Story

On 13th July, an Iron Mountain document storage warehouse located at Bow, East London, adjacent to the City of London, caught fire and continued burning for three days. And on the preceding evening (12th July), the Iron Mountain warehouse located in the Cyrville Industrial Area, Ottawa, Canada, also mysteriously burned to the ground. These fires were ‘no coincidence’.

Iron Mountain fires:


British intelligence sources have confirmed to the Editor of International Currency Review that a substantial volume of Deutsche Bank files perished in the London warehouse fire. Deutsche Bank and German institutions have dominated the heavy high-yield investment programs and financial trading operations that characterize hidden financial activity in the intergovernmental financial sector (to which the mainstream financial media is blind), since the late 19th century.

BURNING THE RECORDS AND COVERING FOR BUSH SR. The Iron Mountain fires have been described as panic measures by criminal foreign cadres to destroy the evidence of the massive serial financial fraud that has been exposed by International Currency Review and its associated intelligence publications. If so, the arson was wholly in vain, as duplicate and original copies of the relevant documents are stored in 25 special locations worldwide. These frauds have been driven by criminal gangs operating within the US official structures, allegedly led by George Bush Sr., who has been exposed by British and other intelligence informants as the actual head of Deutsche Verteidigungs Dienst.

According to these sources, Bush (Busche) Sr., who allegedly holds dual German and US nationality, succeeded the long-term German (Nazi) Abwehr chief, Admiral Canaris, after Canaris fell ill in 1976 (he died in 1978).

The interim head of DVD, to cover Bush Sr. while he occupied the post of Director of Central Intelligence, is alleged to have been Dr Henry Kissinger whose Soviet codename is BOR, but who has also been identified by sources as allegedly the head of DVD, pending Bush Sr.’s accession.

In January 2005, Jack Roach, a CIA officer, was brutally murdered and tortured in the basement of the head office of Union Bank of Switzerland in Zürich. British intelligence sources have confirmed to Christopher Story that instructions for this murder were allegedly given by the head of the DVD: George Bush Sr. The Editor of ICR has also been informed that the assassination was allegedly approved by the President of Switzerland. The late brave Mr Roach, who was tortured with cigarette butts, was carrying banking codes that were seized from him to the benefit of German banks and ‘Black’ intelligence, and to the detriment of the United States.

In October last year, a contingent of US intelligence officers attended the Münich Beer Festival. However the purpose of their presence was not to quaff amber liquid, but rather to stake out the headquarters of Deutsche Verteidigungs Dienst, at Dachau, which is close to Münich.

A satellite was positioned above the nondescript building, and on the basis of the evidence of comings-and- goings obtained, the existence and significance of DVD was indeed confirmed; and the White House was finally, reluctantly, belatedly brought to understand at last that the Nazi Continuum ‘Black’ intelligence strategic intelligence centre in Dachau exists. The British had been trying to make the Bush Jr. Administration understand this, previously without success since the President is the son of the alleged actual Head of the DVD.

The head of the DVD resides in the United States because America is the largest component of the ‘Main Enemy’. Britain is targeted by DVD via the European Union, which is dominated by the long-range penetration, subversion and control strategy laid down by the Nazis in 1942, in a compendium of papers published in Berlin entitled ‘Europaische Wirtschaftsgemeinsc haft’ [European Economic Community].

In the early 1950s, the Allies captured a Nazi document that was en route from the German Geopolitical Centre in Madrid the long-range Nazi planning apparat established there when the Nazi intellelligentsia realized that Germany might lose the war. Called ‘The Madrid Circular Letter’, this document promulgated two themes for the attention of the 200,000 Nazis by now scattered around the globe. They were:

1. ‘For us, the war never ended’: ‘Fur uns, der Krieg ist niemals vorbei’;




 2. ‘We shall build the Thousand-Year Reich on the ruins of the United States’.

The issues run deep.

http://earthlinggb. wordpress. com/2010/ 02/07/the- wanta-plan- the-global- security- fund/


18 01 2010


PART 1 of 2


By David Dastych
January 17, 2010

The case of Ambassador Leo Emil Wanta

Motto: “The democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those who are willing to work and give to those who would not.” – Thomas Jefferson

[Note from the author: My distinguished colleague, Marilyn M. Barnewall, published an article about Ambassador Leo Emil Wanta on NewsWithViews.com, January 10, 2010. As we exchanged opinions, I decided to write my own piece, which could add more facts about this outstanding former U.S. intelligence operative and financial expert – “The 27.5 Trillion Dollar Man” — still living in oblivion, while crooks and banksters continue their scams that had led to the American and global financial crisis.]

Leo (Lee) Emil Wanta – now 69 years old – could have been one of the richest men in the world. All he had to do was rip off a small part of the profits from huge secret financial operations of U.S. intelligence with which he had been entrusted in the 1980s by President Ronald Reagan.

Operating under several code names (i.e. Stillpoint, Frank B. Ingram – SA32NV; Rick Reynolds – SA233MS; Lee E Wanta – S-31-IANO Sector V), Wanta used his exceptional skills to destabilize the Russian Ruble and to prompt the fall of the Soviet Empire.

As a result of Wanta’s operations, conducted from Vienna and extending as far as Hong Kong, huge sums of money had been amassed in various banks and tax-free havens all over the world. Working with several trusted intelligence operatives and financial experts, Wanta engaged in many secret deals on behalf of the U.S. Government. The profits from them grew to approximately $27.5 trillion. Wanta still holds the “golden keys” to the money that the late President Reagan wanted to be used for the benefit of ordinary Americans. The money was never intended to enrich the Establishment – the super-rich and the most powerful.

True to Reagan’s directions, Leo Emil Wanta refused to release the funds, which had been diverted to numerous private overseas accounts. But despite his efforts, a large part of U.S. intelligence-stashed monies were essentially looted by corrupt U.S. political “crime families.” You would recognize their well-known names if you heard them.

The patriotic stance of Wanta got him deep in trouble. It almost cost him his life. Other associates, however, such as Kok Howe Kwong (his Chinese business partner), Freddie Woodruff, Francois de Grosseurve, were all found dead. You can add the name of Vince Foster, former White House Counsel, to the list. The killings are an integral part of the long process of stealing U.S. intelligence money. It continues to this day.

134 days in a Swiss dungeon

From Wanta’s interview with Tom Valentine on Radio Free America, it is clear that in October 1992, Wanta was asked by the Bush Administration to procure and deliver prime bank guarantees – which are bank debentures. At first, the Bush Administration wanted to run the prime bank guarantees through MiApollo Investments, Ltd. in Hong Kong. They changed their minds, preferring to use an American company. To accommodate, Wanta used his AmeriTrust Corporation. The contract was from the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) by U.S. Attorney Sandro Sordi, Deputy Attorney General, Dade County, FL, an associate of Janet Reno, then with Richard C. Breeden (SEC Chairman), via Chemical Bank, Chase Manhattan and Citicorp. The contract was signed by Leo E. Wanta, Principal, on January 15, 1993. The pay orders came from Credit Suisse.


After George H.W. Bush lost his bid for re-election, the Clinton Administration wanted access to the money. Their attempts began when White House counsel Vincent Foster asked Wanta to pay Laura D’Andrea Tyson and Leon Panetta who was at that time Director of Office of Management and Budget (OMB) – now CIA Director – $250 million for The Children’s Defense Fund.

“On July 7, 1993, I bought breakfast for Consul General Giovanni Ferro and Lorrayne Fine (an Israeli Mossad agent) of L.H. Financial Group, Johannesburg, South Africa,” Wanta said. “Others in the group – but not at breakfast – included Anthony Maniaci (Queen’s Counsel at Toronto, Ontario, Canada), and Sandro Sordi (former Dade County Deputy AG, mentioned above). We have verified that Deputy White House Counsel Foster made hotel reservations for everyone in Geneva. The hotel rooms, his itinerary and air travel plans are on his American Express card…” Wanta continued.

“The group having breakfast at the Hotel Au Lac in Lausanne, that day, July 7, 1993, planned to take the train to Geneva to meet with Vince Foster later that day. I had no idea Panetta was coming. I never saw him. Fine had too much luggage and I was carrying a blue nylon bag containing all of my files… heavy, weighed close to 100 pounds. So we opted to go to Geneva by taxi… a 20-minute ride. Foster and his group were to join us at the Hotel de la Paix in Geneva to discuss the deal.

“I was arrested by the Suisse Sûreté (the detective force of French-speaking Swiss) before rising from the breakfast table. ” Thus, Wanta never got to Geneva or met with Vince Foster – nor was he given the opportunity to arrest Marc Rich (Reich) as directed by the then-FBI Director William Sessions. (Telephone interview with M. Barnewall, January 16, 2010.)

When Greg Szymanski interviewed him, Wanta said: “I was named Ambassador from Somalia to Switzerland and Canada as a cover to arrest Marc Rich (Reich]. When I got there, I found myself in a Swiss dungeon and Rich was set free. Foster was also there on behalf of the Clintons, asking me for $250 million for The Children’s Defense Fund of which Hillary was chairman. Later, Vince attempted to help me out of my situation, but later I was notified he was found dead and I never found out what happened to the $250 million.”

Tom Valentine interview of Wanta: “On July 20, 1993 the Swiss Prison Superintendent told me that Vincent Foster was dead – on my daughter’s birthday.” Was it a Mafia-style warning? Wanta was kept in what he calls “a Swiss dungeon” at Du Bois, near Lausanne, under the false pretext of tax evasion in the State of Wisconsin. His diplomatic status was breached for 134 days, from July 7 to November 17, 1993 before he was flown to New York in chains.

A federal judge in New York City, Allyce Ross in the Eastern District Court, called it “subterfuge” by the State Department and the State of Wisconsin. She said: “This is absurd and bizarre that Ambassador Wanta is held.” The New York case was dismissed with prejudice by the U.S. Attorney on November 19, 1993. Yet, he was re-arrested and sent to a prison in Wisconsin and later to other U.S. prison compounds where he was badly treated.

Although Wanta had no idea what The Children’s Defense Fund was all about, a financial investigator, Marco Saba of the Organized Crime Observatory in Switzerland, later wrote about it. It was a secret fund: “One component of this information concerns the activities of the CIA operative known as Mrs. Hillary Rodham Clinton. For some years prior to the elevation of her husband, Bill, a CIA operative like his ‘CIA wife,’ Hillary had been in control of an organization calling itself ‘The Children’s Defense Fund.’” It is alleged, on the basis of intelligence community leaks, that Hillary became accustomed to treating The Children’s Defense Fund as “her own private slush fund.” (Greg Szymanski, Rense.com, March 26, 2006).

In 1981, President Reagan issued Executive Order 12333, known as “Title 18, Section 6.” It authorized U.S. intelligence services to operate corporations for intelligence purposes and deny any intelligence community connection. In other words, they could lie about their real corporate purpose.

Following is an overview from writings of British financial intelligence expert and editor Christopher Story, International Currency ReviewWorld Reports. His comments are factual.

In the fall of 1993, upon leaving the Brooklyn Courthouse, Leo Wanta was unlawfully detained without a warrant by New York Police Department detectives. They apologetically explained that they were ‘doing Wisconsin a favor.’ They were acting on a telephone call from the Wisconsin Department of Revenue requesting his arrest for alleged failure to pay State taxes. Leo was not shown any warrant or provided a copy of any charges filed by the State of Wisconsin.

The pretext for Ambassador Leo Emil Wanta’s unlawful detention: He allegedly owed a civil Wisconsin State tax of $14,129, dating from 1982 and 1988. But it wasn’t true. Wanta lived abroad, not in Wisconsin, since the 1985 legal separation from his wife. The Wisconsin Department of Revenue claimed he was a U.S. resident because his wife lived in Appleton. Somehow they didn’t understand the words “legally separated.” Since his wife filed for divorce in 1995 charging abandonment as of 1985, it’s clear Leo Wanta had no legal ties to Wisconsin in years for which civil taxes were being charged.

Wanta had been notified of the illegal civil state tax assessment while working in Singapore on U.S. government business. Wanta remitted the $14,129. On May 15, 1992, Wanta sent the money from Singapore via Telegraphic Transfer by Malaysian Banking Berhad. It was sent in favor of Wanta’s Wisconsin Attorney, Thomas Wilson, and was deposited in his Attorney Trust Account with Bank One, Appleton, Wisconsin 54911, account commission of S$29.17 plus the cable cost of a further S$20.40 [Singapore Dollars]. The falsely demanded $14,129 was duly paid by Attorney Wilson under protest to the Wisconsin Department of Revenue. The check cleared the First Wisconsin National Bank (later Firstar Corporation, now U.S. Bancorp) in Milwaukee.

The State tax levied against him was and remains fraudulent. The original Wisconsin tax charges against Leo Wanta were civil, not criminal charges. Criminal charges of tax evasion were filed only when he insisted he had paid the civil tax assessment – twice (once in May; again in June, 1992). He refused to pay it a third time.

He remained illegally incarcerated without a warrant in the State of New York until December 13, 1993. At that time, law enforcement officers finally extradited him unlawfully to Wisconsin. Wanta had not resided in Wisconsin since 1985 and became a legal resident of Vienna, Austria, after June 1988. There, among other things, he was Director-General of New Republic/USA Financial Group, GES.m.b.H., one of his USG Title 18, Section 6 intelligence corporations, located at Karntnerstrasse 28/15, A-1010 Wien (Vienna).

David Dastych is a veteran international journalist and a former intelligence operative. In 1961, he joined the Polish Foreign Intelligence Service. Between 1961 and 1968 and in 1973 he worked in Western Europe, the US, and Asia (Vietnam and China). In 1973, in South Vietnam he joined the C.I.A. He later worked as a journalist and political analyst, specializing in the Soviet and East European regimes with foreign institutes for strategic studies, and with American and other Western diplomatic missions and international organizations.

Between 1976 and 1981 Dastych worked as a Public Relations Officer, then as an analyst and Deputy Manager of the Japanese Foreign Trade Organization (JETRO) in Warsaw (1982-1983). In 1987, Dastych was arrested. The Polish Communist Military Tribunal sentenced him to 8 years for spying for the CIA and allegedly for the Japanese Prime Minister’s Intelligence Service. Having served 3 of an eight year sentence in special wards for political prisoners in Warsaw and Barczewo Prisons, he was released in 1990 after the collapse of communism in Poland.

From 1990 to 1994 Dastych worked with several intelligence services monitoring illegal nuclear trade. In 1994, he broke his vertebral column in a mountain accident in France. After several years of cure and rehabilitation, he resumed his career as a journalist, free-lance editor and columnist and writes for, among others, Polish, American and Canadian media. He runs his own media agency serving foreign authors and businesses.

E-mail: davids@aster.pl

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© 2010 – David Dastych – All Rights Reserved

PART 2 of 2


 By David Dastych
January 17, 2010

The case of Ambassador Leo Emil Wanta:

Part I of this article catalogued events leading up to the illegal arrest of Ambassador Leo E. Wanta on July 7, 1993, in Lausanne, Switzerland. It was the beginning of a nightmare destined to haunt the Ambassador for many years… until the present time, in fact.

To add to Leo’s injuries, as soon as he was “imprisoned” on falsified charges, the ruthless Wisconsin authorities sold his former Wisconsin family home, behind his back and without his permission, for a knock-down price of around $60,000, and kept the proceeds. All attempts to procure a proper accounting of this theft have failed. So far. (Interview, M. Barnewall, June 11, 2009: Wanta said, “After they illegally took my family home, the property was occupied by a State of Wisconsin Attorney.”)

By March 1994, Leo Wanta had already languished for nine months in what he terms “a Swiss dungeon.” The U.S. government distinguished itself at the outset by forcing him to be strip-searched in the snow. It is behavior indistinguishable from what happens in the Soviet GULAG (about which the U.S. State Department affected such outrage for decades).

At least four attempts were made to murder him inside the U.S. Of these, the most outrageous was the criminal behavior of a Deputy Sheriff who drove up to the Kettle Moraine Corrections Facility in Wisconsin, changed into prisoner’s clothing, established proximity to Leo and attempted to murder him in the washroom. On that occasion, his life was saved by Duty Sergeant Randy Miller who dragged the deputized murderer out of the washroom and the prisoners’ quarters. The intruder fled back to the administration area, took off his false prisoner’s clothing, dressed back in his Deputy Sheriff’s uniform, and made off in his County car.

When these successive Soviet-style liquidation attempts failed, the Soviet technique of trying to have Leo certified insane, was attempted. After the seventh attempt, his fate was sealed when Dr. Connie Lee, Chief Psychiatrist for the State of Wisconsin, mindful of such abuses and fully satisfied that Leo was mentally stable and proficient, refused to go along with the State’s conspiracy and certified Leo to be of sound mind. After that episode, attempts to delete him from history ceased.

Leo Wanta was moved around the U.S. prison system. For example, he spent from 1998 until September 2001 at a maximum-security facility in the State of Oklahoma. During that period, he was regularly removed from his cell. His cell was searched, items were taken from it and they were not returned. The papers taken from his cell included legal documents, files, and papers from attorneys. A routine was now established whereby Leo was deliberately moved around the Wisconsin/US prison compounds, so his mail always lagged behind his latest movements, and/or failed to catch up with him.

Institution authorities from the State of Oklahoma informed him that they lacked certain background information on him and requested his cooperation in obtaining it. Leo cooperated and learned from institution personnel that they had queried the Wisconsin State Department of Corrections, which had confirmed that no criminal background report was available on him.

Meanwhile the Central Intelligence Agency put word out that Leo Emil Wanta was dead.

This false information was disseminated among strictly compartmentalized agents and cadres, with poor knowledge of the broader picture, and throughout the relevant sectors of the international financial community. Given this ‘tabula rasa’ situation, the coast was clear (or so the criminalists assumed) to ransack, steal, misappropriate, misuse, divert, claim, usurp, collateralize, hypothecate and otherwise unlawfully exploit the $27.5 trillion of which Leo Emil Wanta was and remains the sole Principal and Trustor. All concerned were happy with this illegal state of affairs – which has continued without ceasing. They have also used the Ambassador’s $4.5 trillion compromise funds Settlement agreed in May 2006. On June 28, 2001, eight years after his illegal arrest, Leo Wanta was released from prison and on November 28, 2004, Leo Wanta’s parole case was discharged absolutely. He began his consecutive probation case. (End of comments based on facts as presented by World Reports.)


Leo Wanta has had no probation violations. On July 21, 2005, Wanta’s court-ordered financial obligations were paid in full.

Perhaps the best way to end this era of Wanta’s life and look hopefully to the future is with a letter from Wisconsin Revenue Agent Angela Dunlap. In her February 18, 1999 letter to Wanta’s California CIA attorney, she said: “The Department of Revenue has no record of a delinquent tax account issued to Lee E. Wanta…” The letter is on State of Wisconsin Department of Revenue letterhead.

Recent “Wantagate” Developments

Ambassador Wanta’s restrictions have been lifted, with effect from November 14, 2005, thanks to a loan of $ 35,000 from the Publisher of International Currency Review – World Reports, Christopher Story. The loan enabled Leo Wanta to pay the unlawful tax (which Wanta had already paid) plus interest. Payment was duly confirmed. Earlier, in 2003, “in an unexpected move” Wanta filed a court case. Although the case was dismissed under sovereign immunity, he received verification from the court that his status as legal Trustor is valid. This decision of the District Court of Virginia (April 15, 2003), announced by a truly independent Judge, Gerald Bruce Lee, charged Wanta with repatriating the $ 23 trillion from foreign sources and instructed him to pay taxes on it. He told Wanta to use federal collection courts as a recovery process.

In 2006, due to an Agreement Wanta made with the Bush Administration, $ 4.5 trillion was wired to Wanta care of Bank of America in Richmond VA. He has never been able to collect the money and pay $ 1.575 trillion tax to the IRS. Interesting, isn’t it? In 1993, Wanta was arrested on a bogus charge of non-payment of Wisconsin taxes. In 2010, the government prevents him from paying $1.575 trillion in taxes he openly admits he owes the IRS on the $4.5 trillion wired to him in 2006. Why won’t the government allow Leo Wanta to collect his money and pay his taxes? It appears an “invisible hand” in the federal system stopped the money flow. Was the agreed upon $ 4.5 trillion stolen? If so, who did it? That’s really the most important question.

In the last few years Ambassador Leo Emil Wanta and/or his lawyers wrote several letters to U.S. President George W. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney. Each letter proposed positive ways in which Leo Wanta could use his funds to help his country. With his repatriation funds he proposed purchasing Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae so a stable base could be put under America’s faltering real estate market. No response. The repatriation of the secret U.S. intelligence funds ($ 23 trillion) could go far to ease the pangs people feel from U.S. economic problems. It could have prevented the U.S. financial crisis. (Some of Wanta’s letters are archived in my files).

Let me quote the last public letter by Ambassador Leo Emil Wanta, dated January 13, 2010, addressed to President Barack Obama and other members of his Administration:

Mr. President: –

I am ready to work with you and your good presidential offices, to rebuild Haiti WITHOUT USG Tax US Dollars, upon the immediate release of my personal monetary funds of US Dollars 4.5 trillion _ plus interest accruals; less my personal/civil repatriation/federal tax payment upon my economic receipt, in conjunction with my preferred US Treasury Bond Investment programs, inter alia.

Please advise so we can develop immediate food/rebuild/safety/medical etc. programs forthwith.
Thank you for your rapid response to these emergency conditions to assist the Haiti Populace, inter alia. No need for a second Katrina incident…

Thank you… Lee

Will President Barack Obama answer Leo’s letter and proposal? I doubt it. The officialdom in Washington D.C. usually ignores Leo Emil Wanta. Maybe they will appoint a Czar to dispose of his money. Who knows? Maybe that has already been done – at least for the $ 4.5 trillion that has disappeared, the $4.5 trillion wired in 2006 to the Bank of America in Richmond, Virginia that has disappeared.

David Dastych is a veteran international journalist and a former intelligence operative. In 1961, he joined the Polish Foreign Intelligence Service. Between 1961 and 1968 and in 1973 he worked in Western Europe, the US, and Asia (Vietnam and China). In 1973, in South Vietnam he joined the C.I.A. He later worked as a journalist and political analyst, specializing in the Soviet and East European regimes with foreign institutes for strategic studies, and with American and other Western diplomatic missions and international organizations.

Between 1976 and 1981 Dastych worked as a Public Relations Officer, then as an analyst and Deputy Manager of the Japanese Foreign Trade Organization (JETRO) in Warsaw (1982-1983). In 1987, Dastych was arrested. The Polish Communist Military Tribunal sentenced him to 8 years for spying for the CIA and allegedly for the Japanese Prime Minister’s Intelligence Service. Having served 3 of an eight year sentence in special wards for political prisoners in Warsaw and Barczewo Prisons, he was released in 1990 after the collapse of communism in Poland.

From 1990 to 1994 Dastych worked with several intelligence services monitoring illegal nuclear trade. In 1994, he broke his vertebral column in a mountain accident in France. After several years of cure and rehabilitation, he resumed his career as a journalist, free-lance editor and columnist and writes for, among others, Polish, American and Canadian media. He runs his own media agency serving foreign authors and businesses.

E-mail: davids@aster.pl

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The Night The Berlin Wall Tumbled – Twenty Years Ago

17 12 2009


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 by David Dastych, Warsaw Correspondent

 Originally published by the Canada Free Press and reproduced by the Polonia Media Network with permission of the author

“A stone from the broken Berlin wall
Whispered last night;
Don’t look at me with such hatred
My wounds are the mark of history…
(From an anonymous poem “Berlin Wall”)

 Warsaw, Poland: That night, November 9-10, 1989, I slept in a Communist prison unaware of what had happened in Berlin. It was my third year in a special prison ward at Barczewo Penitentiary, near Olsztyn in Northeastern Poland. In 1989, and especially after the historic parliamentary elections of June 4 marking the regime change in our country, prisoners called the “enemies of the state” were treated more liberally. We had access to newspapers and a TV set, to religious services and we could meet each other and talk. Compared to a strict regime I had to endure in the Warsaw Central Jail, at its special ward for political convicts where we were deprived of any news media and completely isolated for many months of the investigation, this prison really merited its popular nickname: “Barczewo Hilton.”

On June 12, 1987, when President Ronald Reagan made his famous speech at the Brandenburger Tur [Brandenburg Gate] in West Berlin, I was kept in confinement for the third consecutive month with no access to any news, Polish or foreign. Ronald Reagan was the U.S. President then and on that day he appealed to a new, elected in 1985, Soviet leader, Mikhail Gorbachev:

“General Secretary Gorbachev, if you seek peace, if you seek prosperity for the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe, if you seek liberalization: Come here to this gate! Mr. Gorbachev, open this gate! Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!” And then he added a few prophetic words: “As I looked out a moment ago from the Reichstag, that embodiment of German unity, I noticed words crudely spray-painted upon the wall, perhaps by a young Berliner: ‘This wall will fall. Beliefs become reality.’ Yes, across Europe, this wall will fall. For it cannot withstand faith; it cannot withstand truth. The wall cannot withstand freedom.”


 The erection of a wall in Berlin was a big surprise to all. Still on June 15, 1961, the communist East German leader, Walter Ulbricht, declared in a press conference: “Niemand hat die Absicht, eine Mauer zu errichten!” [“No one has the intention of erecting a wall!].” But two months later, after many phone calls to Nikita Khrushchev, on Saturday, August 12, 1961, the leaders of the GDR attended a garden party at a government guesthouse in Dollnsee, in a wooded area to the north of East Berlin, at which time Ulbricht signed the order to close the border and erect a wall. The records of these talks between Ulbricht and Khrushchev indicate that the construction of the Berlin Wall was an idea that came from the Soviet leader.

Jumping the Berlin Wall









At midnight, the Police and units of the East German Army began to close the border and by Sunday morning, August 13, 1961, the border with West Berlin was closed. At first there were only barbed wire entanglements and fences, but then over a longer period a barrage of reinforced concrete walls was extended to 156 kilometers (97 miles), encircling West Berlin and dividing the city on a length of 43 kilometers (27 miles). Turrets of the armed guards, minefields, complicated system of barriers and chain fences, iron gates separating railways and roads divided East Berlin from West Berlin for the next 28 years to come. With the passing of time, the Berlin Wall was protected by self-shooting devices, strong search-lights and ultra-red sensors. But still people tried to force it by ingenuous tricks or just bravery. But many of the escapees lost their life when they acted on a natural and very human instinct – a quest for liberty. During the 28 years of the Wall’s existence, over 5,000 attempts to escape were noted, and the confirmed death toll of the victims reached 136.

 One of the victims was Peter Fechter, 18, wounded by guards at an attempt to escape and bled to death without being helped on no-man’s land. In a short story about that boy, its author pretended Peter wrote his own memoir:

 “If you come to Berlin, you can see the spot where I died. I was only eighteen years old when, on the 17th of August 1962, I tried to cross the Berlin Wall into West Germany, with my friend Helmut Kulbeik. He made it into the West and survived, whereas I was shot in the stomach and lay dying in the sand in the death strip, shouting Hilfe! Hilfe!’ [Help! Help!] until I had no breath left to shout with. Hundreds of people stood in the West by the wall, shouting ‘Murderers’ at the guards who had shot me, although I was not yet dead. Had one of them come to help me, perhaps I would have survived, and there would have been no murder. Instead I slowly bled screaming to death while they shouted. Neither my screams or their shouts did anything to save me (…) In life, I was a brick-layer. I built walls. But on that day in 1962, nothing would have made me happier than to tear down the wall that tore me and my country apart.”

 For the first time I visited East and West Berlin in summer of 1960. Then, after 1961, I came back many times looking at the infamous Wall that reminded me of the high walls surrounding the Warsaw Ghetto during the Second World War (in fact, I only could look at the pictures of these walls and watch films about the Warsaw Ghetto, but its view stayed on in my memory forever.)


 My several visits to East Berlin before 1989 could have ended badly. In the first and second half of the 1960s, after coming back from the United States, I got in touch with some young East Germans (I was also in my 20s then,) who carefully planned an escape to the West. During some visits to East Berlin, we “inspected” the frontier installations. One night, near the passage to West Berlin at Heinestrasse, I stepped on something that caused alarm in the area. Guards were rushing to the place of the intrusion, but we managed to escape by a fast car waiting with a running engine nearby. On another occasion, traveling on a city surface train (the S-Bahn), I tried to stop the train at a place where there was still no wall, but some barbed fences. The emergency brake in the wagon did not stop the train, but it signaled “danger” to the guards. We couldn’t stay on the train until the next stop, so we jumped out of it when it slowed down, and escaped … unfortunately back to the Eastern side. After “poking the wall” several times, we were discouraged to try to cross the frontier in Berlin, and my German friends had to wait for freedom until 1989, when they were allowed to leave the FRG [Federal Republic of Germany-The West] Embassy in Warsaw and traveled by a special GDR [German Democratic Republic—The East] train to West Germany, after an agreement reached with the East German government. I also had to wait, but until the year 1990, when, after being freed from prison, I made my first trip to the West after 19 years, exactly to the (already united) Berlin.

 Yet, in the past years many Berliners and other East Germans got out safely by using all kinds of tricks and various vehicles. I remember a story about a young West German, who came to East Berlin to “ex-filtrate” his Eastern girlfriend. He used a low sports car, got his girl in to lay on the floor and sped up under bars at the Heinestrasse checkpoint busting his car’s rooftop, but reaching the West side without any injury. This and some more escapes by cars caused the frontier guards to adopt concrete-enforced zigzagging throughways at the checkpoints. But the ingenuity of the freedom-loving escapees was always a step forward from the frontier guards’ engineering improvements. People dug long tunnels or used undiscovered cellar passages and sewers, some constructed hot-air balloons to fly over the wall, and Thomas Krueger, a sports pilot, flew a Czech-made Zlin light aircraft to the RAF [Royal Air Force] Gatow airfield in West Berlin. I don’t remember the name of a sportsman, who jumped over a lower section of the Wall in a pole vault. Still another man, an engineer and experienced swimmer, swam over the sea frontier to the shore of the Federal Republic from a beach in East Germany. One even bolder attempt to cross over the GDR-FRG land frontier was made by an operator of a bulldozer, using its thick steel shovel as a bullet-proof shield.

 But, only a small number of the escapes were successful. The last escapee to be shot while trying to flee to West Berlin across the Berlin Wall on February 6, 1989, was Chris Gueffroy. But, the last to die was Winfried Freudenberg, who died in the crash of an improvised balloon aircraft, by which he crossed the border into West Berlin on March 8, 1989.

 There is a Memorial in Berlin to all the victims of the damned Wall.


 I would love to be in Berlin on the historic night of November 9-10, 1989 but, alas, I was still confined to prison at that time. In the “Barczewo-Hilton” we had newspapers and a TV and during the months preceding the fall of the Berlin Wall we could follow the events. I also made notes in a diary to commemorate the unusual and happy events that turned the page of history in Europe.

 There are some conspiracy theories about the collapse of the Berlin Wall and of the East German Communist regime. On last Saturday and Sunday, I watched some television documentaries about these events. In a new documentary, produced by Jens Nicolai, “The Fall of the Berlin Wall – from Divided Germany to Reunification,” the German post-war history was presented in a credible way. As to the events preceding November 9, 1989, the documentary reported:

 “By East Germany’s 40th anniversary celebration in the autumn of 1989, the rage and discontent among the population had reached critical mass. After the decades of fear and intimidation, the masses dared to protest openly. The communist regime scrambled to keep the situation under control. At a press conference on November 9, 1989, the politburo announced new travel regulations. The East German people heard it on live television and streamed to the checkpoints along the Berlin Wall. There was no holding them back. Toward 22:30 [10:30 p.m.], the border guards at the checkpoint on Bornholmerstrasse opened the gates. It was one of the happiest moments in German history. But things could have come very differently.”

 Helmut Kohl, then the Chancellor of the FRG, was visiting in Poland when the Wall tumbled and he rushed to Berlin, happy and completely surprised. Earlier in October, 1989, the Soviet leader, Mikhail Gorbachev, participated in the celebration of the 40th anniversary of the German Democratic Republic and warned its supreme leader, Erich Honecker, that those who are late (at reforms) would have to pay. Poland’s military and state leader, General Wojciech Jaruzelski, disclosed in his recent (November 8, 2009) interview to an Italian daily La Repubblica [The Republic] that Gorbachev phoned him many times in fall of 1989. seeking his advice to calm the rage of Soviet top generals over the nearing fall of the Berlin Wall, a sure collapse of East Germany and the crumpling of the Soviet zone in Eastern Europe. Jaruzelski said that the Soviet leader trusted him as he was the only military man at the top of the Communist party and state at that time. U.S. President George W.H. Bush was also deeply involved in talks about reunification of Germany, both with Gorbachev and Kohl.

 In a debate, organized by the Adenauer Foundation in Berlin, before the 20th anniversary of the November 9-10, 1989, events, all three former leaders of states – Bush, Gorbachev and Kohl – admitted that there was no “conspiracy” in 1989 or earlier, leading to the collapse of the Berlin Wall and to reunification of Germany in the next year. To the contrary, the negotiations between Mikhail Gorbachev and Helmut Kohl were tough and difficult, backed by support of President Bush (to Kohl) and of General Jaruzelski to Gorbachev. All three former leaders concluded that the Berlin Wall fell in the consequence of German people’s pressure for reforms and change, their quest for freedom and peace.

 On the crucial day, November 9, 1989, a GDR Politbureau member, Walter Schabowski, announced new travel regulations allowing East German citizens to freely travel to the West. Before any official regulations were issued, thousands of East Berliners took their cars out and drove to the checkpoint on Bornholmerstrasse. After some arguing, the border guards opened the gate about 10:30 p.m. and crowds of people moved Westwards, stopped by nobody. The news spread quickly and in the next few hours crowds of people started to jump on the Wall and dismantle it at many places. The “flood” of people opened the frontier, and the later events led to the reunification of Germany. All that couldn’t be possible without the success of the Solidarity Movement in Poland and the regime change in Poland after the elections of June 4, 1989. Lech Walesa in his recent interview to Der Spiegel Online [The Mirror Online], published in English, said that “It’s good that Mikhail Gorbachev was a weak politician” (which is the title of the interview). I don’t agree with him. Gorbachev was a wise politician and he could properly judge the consequences of the toppling of the Berlin Wall. It took the wisdom of many politicians, military leaders and also of intelligence chiefs, including the Top Three (Bush, Gorbachev and Kohl) to avoid a dramatic conflict, even a war about the Wall, and to guide Europe and the world to a peaceful end of the Cold War.

 But Lech Walesa was right when claiming that, “The first wall to fall was pushed over in 1980 in the Polish shipyards. Later, other symbolic walls came down, and the Germans, of course, tore down the literal wall in Berlin. The fall of the Berlin Wall makes for nice pictures. But it all started in the shipyards.”

 On Monday, November 9, 2009, in Berlin Lech Walesa pushed the first one of a thousand of the symbolic dominos, commemorating the great efforts of the freedom-loving people who pushed the Berlin Wall and the Communist dominos down. And still let me recall one more story about ordinary people in East Berlin, who crushed the Berlin Wall:

 “Luckily by chance, my father and one of his cousins approached the concrete of the wall and was close enough to touch it. Then my father had just one wish, to take part in changing history himself. So in a blink of an eye, he climbed on his cousin’s shoulders with a splitting claw in his right hand. With a tight grip and immense energy he started smashing the splitting claw into the wall. Just like any other German revolutionary, he was actually destroying the wall. The lumps of the wall taken out by my father’s splitting claw were falling on the ground. The wall was losing its matter and was weakened moment by moment by both the emotions and physical strength of the people.”

 Because “We, the People” are the sovereign and the hard core of the changing history, I can’t add more.


[David Dastych is a former Polish intelligence operative, who served in the 1960s-1980s and was a double agent for the CIA from 1973 until his arrest in 1987 by then-communist Poland on charges of espionage. Dastych was released from prison in 1990 after the fall of communism and in the years since has voluntarily helped Western intelligence services with tracking the nuclear proliferation black market in Eastern Europe and the Middle East. After a serious injury in 1994 confined him to a wheelchair, Dastych began a second career as an investigative journalist covering terrorism, intelligence and organized crime. He can be reached at davids@aster.pl.
  The Night The Berlin Wall Tumbled – Twenty Years Ago 



12 11 2009

Inslaw and PROMIS

Oversight by Congress of the Justice Department in the PROMIS Dispute

Project: Loss of US Civil Liberties
Open-Content project managed by Paul, KJF, PDevlinBuckley, blackmax

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A Canadian government official says that Canada is using the PROMIS software, according to Inslaw owners William and Nancy Hamilton. The Hamiltons pass the information on to the House Judiciary Committee, which is investigating allegations that the US Justice Department has misappropriated an enhanced version of the software from Inslaw and passed it on to other governments. The official, Marc Valois of the Canadian Department of Communications, apparently says that PROMIS is being used to support 900 locations around the Canadian government. (US Congress 9/10/1992) Another Canadian official will soon make a similar statement (see January 1991), but both he and Valois will later say they were not referring to Inslaw’s PROMIS, but to a product of the same name from a different company (see March 22, 1991).

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The House Subcommittee on Economic and Commercial Law holds a hearing about the failure of Attorney General Richard Thornburgh to provide full access to all documents and records about the Inslaw case. At the hearing, Inslaw owner William Hamilton and its attorney Elliot Richardson air their complaints about an alleged criminal conspiracy in the Justice Department’s handling of a contract with Inslaw and its alleged theft of an enhanced version of the PROMIS application. Steven Ross, the general counsel to the clerk of the US House of Representatives, refutes the Justice Department’s rationale for withholding documents related to possible wrongdoing by its officials involved with the Inslaw contract. In addition, Government Accountability Office representatives describe deficiencies in the Justice Department’s Information Resources Management Office and its administration of data processing contracts.
Bason’s Allegations – Judge George Bason, a bankruptcy judge who had found in favor of Inslaw in a dispute with the department (see September 28, 1987), testifies that he believes his failure to be reappointed as bankruptcy judge was the result of improper influence on the court selection process by the department because of his findings. Bason cites information provided to him by a reporter (see May 1988) and negative statements about him by departmental employees (see June 19, 1987 and June 1987 or Shortly After). After investigating these allegations, the committee will find: “The committee could not substantiate Judge Bason’s allegations. If the Department of Justice had influence over the process, it was subtle, to say the least.” Bason will point out that Norma Johnson, the judge who chaired the meeting at which he was not reappointed (see December 15, 1987), had previously worked with departmental official Stuart Schiffer, who was involved in the Inslaw case. However, the committee will comment that it has “no information that Judge Johnson talked to Mr. Schiffer about Inslaw, Judge Bason, or the bankruptcy judge selection process.”
Thornburgh’s Reaction – Following this hearing, Thornburgh agrees to cooperate with the subcommittee, but then fails to provide it with several documents it wants. (US Congress 9/10/1992)

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A second Canadian government official says that Canada is using the PROMIS software, according to Inslaw owners William and Nancy Hamilton. The Hamiltons pass the information on to the House Judiciary Committee, which is investigating allegations that the US Justice Department has misappropriated an enhanced version of the software from Inslaw and passed it on to other governments. The official, Denis LaChance of the Canadian Department of Communications, apparently says that PROMIS is being used by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police to support its field offices. (US Congress 9/10/1992) Another Canadian official had previously made a similar statement (see November 1990), but both he and LaChance will later say they were not referring to Inslaw’s PROMIS, but to a product of the same name from a different company (see March 22, 1991).

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A Canadian government official tells the US House Judiciary Committee that Canada is reluctant to cooperate with the committee’s inquiry into the alleged theft of a version of the PROMIS software by the US Justice Department and its subsequent passage to Canada. This is in response to a letter sent on February 26, 1991, in which the committee asked Canadian Ambassador Derek Burney for help determining what version of the software the Canadian government was using. The official, Jonathan Fried, counselor for congressional and legal affairs at Canada’s Washington embassy, says that “Canadians had been burned once before by Congress,” and imposes conditions on Congressional questioning of Canadian officials. The conditions are that interviews of individuals be conducted only in the presence of lawyers for the relevant departments and their superiors and that no Canadian public servants would be witnesses in any foreign investigative proceedings. The committee accepts these conditions in mid-March, and identifies the two Canadian officials it wants to speak to (see November 1990 and January 1991). (US Congress 9/10/1992)

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Shortly before the US House Judiciary Committee interviews two Canadian officials who have said Canada has the allegedly stolen PROMIS software (see November 1990 and January 1991), the Canadian government contacts the committee and imposes a further condition on the interviews. The Canadians had already insisted the officials be accompanied by minders (see Shortly After February 26, 1991), but now says that, in addition, they will only answer questions specifically related to the software. They will not answer questions about any allegations that four software programs that may have been acquired by the Canadian government may be derivates of the PROMIS software. If the committee wants information about such alleged derivatives, it will have to submit a written request. (US Congress 9/10/1992)

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Two Canadian officials who had previously said that the Canadian government was using Inslaw’s PROMIS software now tell the US House Judiciary Committee that it is not. In an interview with the committee, officials Denis LaChance and Marc Valois of the Canadian Department of Communications say that they had incorrectly identified software used by the Canadians as being Inslaw’s PROMIS (see November 1990 and January 1991), whereas in fact it was actually project management software from a company called the Strategic Software Planning Corporation that is also called PROMIS. Despite an objection by the Canadians to them being asked about PROMIS derivatives in Canada (see Before March 22, 1991), the two officials also say they do not use or know of a derivative of Inslaw’s PROMIS in Canada. The president of the Strategic Software Planning Corporation will later acknowledge in a sworn statement to committee investigators that his company had sold a few copies of his firm’s PROMIS software to the Canadian government in May 1986. (US Congress 9/10/1992)

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Attorney General Richard Thornburgh informs the House Judiciary Committee that he will not attend a committee hearing the next day, despite previously saying he would. The hearing is to discuss the committee’s access to departmental documents and the Inslaw affair, in which the department had allegedly stolen an enhanced version of the PROMIS application. According to a report by the committee, Thornburgh refuses to appear because a “press release announcing the hearing had been unduly aggressive and contentious and not in keeping with the tenor of an oversight hearing.” (US Congress 9/10/1992)

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The House Subcommittee on Economic and Commercial Law votes 10 to six to authorize the issuance of a subpoena to the Department of Justice for documents related to the Inslaw affair. The subpoena follows on from a refusal by Attorney General Richard Thornburgh to appear before the House Judiciary Committee (see July 17, 1991). (US Congress 9/10/1992) Some of the documents will be forthcoming, but others will be reported missing (see July 31, 1991).

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Responding to a Congressional subpoena (see July 25, 1991), the Justice Department sends most documents requested about the alleged theft of a version of the enhanced PROMIS software to the House Subcommittee on Economic and Commercial Law. However, the department says that 51 documents or files are missing and cannot be found. A report issued by the House Judiciary Committee in September 1992 will say that the subcommittee has still not received an adequate explanation on how the documents came to be missing. (US Congress 9/10/1992)

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Canada’s ambassador to the US, Derek Burney, writes to the House Judiciary Committee saying that neither the Canadian Royal Mounted Police nor the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) have the PROMIS software developed by Inslaw or derivatives thereof. The statement is in response to an October letter from the committee, which is investigating the alleged theft from Inslaw of a version of the software and its subsequent passage to Canada. According to Burney, both the Mounties and the CSIS told him that not only do they not use Inslaw’s PROMIS or any software believed to be a derivative of it, but that they do not use any case management software at all. The committee will comment: “The ambassador’s conclusory statement did not provide an offer or an opportunity for further verification of the allegations received concerning the government of Canada. Without direct access to [the Mounties], CSIS, and other Canadian officials, the committee has been effectively thwarted in its attempt to support or reject the contention that Inslaw software was transferred to the Canadian government.” (US Congress 9/10/1992)

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