This is a Weblog of an international journalist David Dastych, featuring his latest articles, translations and other stories appearing in various Internet magazines, primarily in CANADA FREE PRESS, NACHRICHTEN HEUTE and OCNUS.NET. To learn more about the author, please read the following:


David M. Dastych, 68, is a veteran international journalist of Polish nationality, coming from a family embracing 11 nationalities. For the lest 50 years, he was working in many countries of the world, especially in Eastern and Western Europe, North America and Asia. He was also a covert intelligence operator for the CIA from 1973 to 1987, jailed in Communist Poland (1987-1990), later engaged in monitoring of illegal nuclear trade (1990-1994). Following a mountain accident in France, December 1994, he is handicapped for life. Yet he manages to work in his main profession (journalism) and also he translates books and  writes his own. At present, David Dastych lives in Warsaw, Poland and manages his DAVID’S MEDIA AGENCY serving foreign authors, journalists and businessmen. Contact to: davids@aster.pl or intelhand@gmail.com as well as to Skype davids.media.agency and cell phone: +48514270639.

Your remarks and other reactions are welcome.  DAVID DASTYCH




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