Geo TV Capital Talk Show in the street

15 06 2008

  • Hamid Mir’s Capital Talk TV show in Islamabad
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   June 14, 2008

‘Capital Talk’ enthralls protesters on road


ISLAMABAD: Renowned Geo anchor Hamid Mir once again moved his famous show “Capital Talk” to road here on Friday after the programme was stopped from being aired by the Dubai authorities under pressure from the presidency.

Instead of watching the show on TV, a huge crowd watched it on the street as people thronged the Parade Ground, the final destination of the long march. The Geo office is just a few yards away from the Parade Ground.

The show on the road reminded the audience of the days of President Musharraf’s emergency rule when Geo TV was put off air and Hamid Mir had to hold it on the streets of Islamabad. The Capital Talk on Friday was the first held on the roads leading to parliament and the president house and then it moved to the stage established for lawyer leaders to address the participants of the long march. There were more than 10,000 people present on the Parade Ground to watch the show as caravans of lawyers moved in from Rawalpindi.

Participants included famous poet Ahmad Faraz, leading lawyer leader and a close aide of sacked justice, Athar Minallah, Abbottabad Bar Association President Muhammad Hamid and senior journalists Nusrat Javed and Mazhar Abbas.

Speakers of the Capital Talk were unanimous in their opinion that President Musharraf must quit the presidency and the deposed judges be restored quickly. They said the Capital Talk was in the hearts of people and President Musharraf could not stop it. “If he (Musharraf) tries to cut it off, it will be held on the streets, as done today.”

They appreciated Hamid Mir and Dr Shahid Masood for conducting good programmes that the presidency did not like. They said the number of participants of the long march was a message of the people of Pakistan to political parties to restore the deposed judges. They said these people were demanding of the president to quit and it was time for him (Pervez Musharraf) to leave the slot of the president of Pakistan because he was no more popular.

The participants not only appreciated the Capital Talk but also raised anti-Musharraf slogans during the programme. The audience gave a standing ovation when the programme started and demanded that the show be aired soon.

















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